White Noise Update: The Tower Book One

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
I am half way through editing my first draft. There are plot holes and inconsistencies to fix, and I work full time. But I'm hoping to publish before the end of the year (2016).
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Hello.... Welcome

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
I'm setting up this site to be a single HUB for all of my various creations. I'd rather not hand out a different business card to each person, as the topic of interest changes and I happen to have written about it.

Since I'm a Multipontialite, I figured it fits to have a single hub. If it works for Seth Godin, it works for me!

Thanks for stopping by, Darrell
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I am a storyteller, exploring LIFE with God in an effort to connect my heart and mind to the His through stories, arm-chair theology, and random observations.

I am a writer and forever-student. Check out DarrellWolfe.com for more details. 

I hope to see you around the web. Strike up a conversation with me, I love to discuss the things of life.