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You must define your destination or you won’t know when you get there. Only then can you fulfill your destiny and reach your destination. (Paraphrase Jesse Duplantis)Wherever you go. There you are.(?)What I love about sponsoring is that when I think something in my head it sounds OK. When I say it out loud it doesn’t sound so good. But when I hear you say it, it sounds down right STUPID! (Big John, AA)Prayer is the foundation for EVERY successful christian endeavor. (Kenneth Copeland)The apex of all Christian endeavor must become to place the jewel of a soul in the crown of our King; to bring to the Lamb the reward of his suffering. (Pastor Rod Parsley)When your’ manner of speech changes from “I need it” to “I got it” then the things you’ve been needing can come in to your life. (Tongues and Interp Ed and Nancy Dufresne)You see the person who sits next to you should feel the same thing you do. If you really have hope it quickens the dead bones to your right and to your left. If they d…

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Hi! My name is Darrell G. Wolfe. I am a wealth of random information and I make complicated things simple at

I have a knack for absorbing information, breaking it down to its root elements, and teaching it to others.

Most importantly, I help purpose-driven people to understand their place in His-Story and provide them the tools they need to fulfill their unique position of opportunity and influence in this world (their Topos).