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Monday, January 18, 2010

Life Lived WELL!


Psalms 112

The Holy Spirit was the ORIGINAL BLOGGER! He wrote Blogs people have been reading and talking about for over 4,000 years!



The man who Reverences The LORD and delights in the LORD's Word, excited and ready to obey and put it to work is Empowered to Prosper! (Blessed)


His Life Results:

  • Descendants are Mighty
  • Empowers his generation to Prosper
  • Wealth, Riches, House/Land
  • Right Standing with God ENDURES!
  • He has and provides Light in the Darkness

This Man:

  • Is Gracious
  • Full of Compassion
  • Right with God
  • Deals Graciously and Lends
  • Never Shaken
  • Etched into God's Immediate Memory!
  • Has NO fear of evil reports.
  • His Spirit is steadfast, trusting in God.
  • His Spirit (Heart=Lit. Core) is:
    • Established
    • No Fear Zone
    • Wants his enemies to repent and be as blessed as he is!
  • Gives Abroad
  • Gives to the poor
  • Gets Promoted
  • Causes the wicked to grieve
  • The Desire of the wicked shall perish or fade around him.
    • Those that repent will get blessed and get renewed desires
    • Those that resist just fade away into the background.
    • THIS man has nothing to do but TRUST God and His enemies will be adjusted for him.



                    Darrell G. Wolfe


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