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Friday, May 20, 2011

Dates… Dates… Dates… Tomorrow is the end of the world, or not…

Dates… Dates… Dates… Tomorrow is the end of the world, or not…

Tomorrow is the end of the world… or not.
Photo found in an article by the Washington Post, even large secular media is covering this guy.
Harold Camping of Family Radio
says that tomorrow is the end of the world. Using some weird math calculations an one obscure selection scripture ignoring reams of other scripture and higher biblical themes… The man falsely predicted this same event would happen in 1994. However, despite the fact I disagree with his calculations I’m not going to write him off as a total kook…
I believe that there is a desire in each of us to not only know that Jesus will return someday… but as these days get worse and worse and we see the evidence that we are in fact living in the last of the last days… we all want to know WHEN?
I am becoming convinced, albeit not wholly convinced yet, that we are not banned by God from knowing the dates. Whole sections of the Church feel that after reading the English translation of the bible they are 110% sure the bible says you cannot know. I disagree I don’t think that the bible says that. I am however extremely cautious of setting dates as this should not be done lightly. This will require more than one post I am sure.
Today I believe the benefit of the press this false prediction has gotten is that it begs the questions…
If not tomorrow… when?
Can we know?
Should we know?
If we did know… how should we respond? Or should we respond no differently because we live EVERY DAY as though he were coming back in the next minute?


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