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The calling of Distributorship

The calling of Distributorship. There is a calling for distribution, a gift of distribution that has been overlooked by the body of Christ. In listening, re listening, re listening, etc to a message by Keith Moore from the Great Lakes Believers Convention 2005; I have come to a conclusion. I need to take this calling more seriously.

In Luke we see a young man, a rich young ruler, who truly had done everything he knew to do, and he did it well. He was obeying the laws and keeping covenant. He asked Jesus what to do next, in order to walk in the God kind of life with no limits. Jesus responded:

Luke 18:22 NAS
When Jesus heard this, He said to him, "One thing you still lack ; sell all that you possess and distribute it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven ; and come, follow Me."

In other words: "Liquidate what you have, start to sow that into the lives of other people. Build up a heavenly treasury account. Follow Me!" Throughout the gospels when Jesus said "Follow Me" they ended up becoming the chosen 12. If you study this out Jesus knew that Judas was stealing out of the money box. The bible also tells us that Judas, being the treasurer of the Jesus Messiah Evangelistic Organization, was in charge of the money box. When Jesus wanted to give to the poor or needed Judas was responsible for this task. Judas was responsible for distributorship. Apparently he must have done it often because we see in John that the first thought of the disciples when Judas left that night was "Oh yeah, he must be off to give Jesus' money to the poor again."

John 13:29 NKJV
For some thought, because Judas had the money box, that Jesus had said to him, "Buy those things we need for the feast," or that he should give something to the poor.

You don't don't assume someone is going to do something they've never done before. You're wife get's up off the couch and heads to the bedroom and comes back dressed. You might assume, "Oh, you headed to the store?" You probably don't assume "Oh, you headed on your private jet to France for a cup of real coffee and then headed to Belgium for sweets?" Why not? More than likely she doesn't just do that on a whim, even if you have the money to do so.

The disciples assumed Judas was going to either buy supplies or give to the poor because those are the things he usually did. What they didn't know, but Jesus did, is that he was stealing that money! So here Jesus is talking to Judas' replacement. Literally someone who would be more faithful with His money. He tells the rich young man, "Go sell all your stuff, come be my treasurer!"

The young man didn't get it! He passed up literally THE opportunity of a life time. He could have been Jesus' personal treasurer! All he could see is how much he had, not what he could gain by giving to the Kingdom of God. This is where he made his second mistake. He saw giving as loosing, instead of giving as investing! He was a wise natural investor because he'd made a lot of money already. He missed it. His third mistake? He got his feelings hurt and left. Nobody asked him to leave. Jesus turned to Peter and told him that it was hard for people who gained wealth trusting in the worlds system of wealth to transfer over to God's system of wealth. Then he told peter that anyone who left anything in this life would reap MUCH MORE/100 Fold NOW IN THIS LIFE and eternal life in the ages to come.

So in this case Jesus was calling the man to a ministry gift of distribution. It is interesting to note that some people read that the young man went away grieved but no-where does it say that he out right rejected Jesus idea either. He obviously wasn't joyful about the idea and "God loves a joyful giver!" So what did happen? He most likely went away heavy hearted with a decision to make.

It's also interesting to note that tradition has told us that this young man was in fact Barnabas who later became a distributor of lands in the book of Acts and played vital roles in financing the 11 remaining Apostles. He also went on to become a friend of Paul and an encourager who helped Paul to become who he became. It was Barnabas support and encouragement that kept Paul going in the beginning of his ministry.  Giving makes one a happy person and Barnabas was given the name Barnabas because he was known as "Son of Encouragement". So it sounds like he came around eventually. Some people also believe that Saul/Paul and Barnabas were actually colleagues of the Sanhedrin together, which is why it says Barnabas went looking for Paul.

Barnabas, was called to be a distributor. It turns out that gifting and calling permeates Old and New testament. People were assigned in the OT to distribute to the priests and poor. Seven young men full of faith were assigned in the NT to distribute as well.

Many are familiar Steve Green who has done SO MUCH to use his wealth to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the US and maybe the world.

Sadly there are not enough people believing God to operate in this gift so God has had to turn to the unsaved who will believe in wealth and turn them into ultra rich and then incite them to give through tax deductions and the like. Ultimately Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple... all should have been invented by, started by, increased by God's people. Most church people don't believe God wants them wealthy because they have this perverted demonic idea that money is evil. Satan uses that to keep them out of God's plan for their lives. Those who do believe in wealth for the believer Satan tries to get distracted with the attaining process and then steal their attention through the distractions listed in Mark 4. So few are left to do God's work. He uses who he is able to at any level he is able to use them.

So how about it? You are supposed to be BLESSED (Empowered to Prosper) to the point that ALL your need, want, AND desires are provided to the abundance and all you have to work on is getting God's money to the people he wants to get it to!

Other scriptures to look at:
2 Chronicles 31:15 NAS
Under his authority were Eden, Miniamin, Jeshua, Shemaiah, Amariah and Shecaniah in the cities of the priests, to distribute faithfully their portions to their brothers by divisions, whether great or small,

2 Chronicles 31:19 NAS
Also for the sons of Aaron the priests who were in the pasture lands of their cities, or in each and every city, there were men who were designated by name to distribute portions to every male among the priests and to everyone genealogically enrolled among the Levites.

Nehemiah 13:13 NAS
In charge of the storehouses I appointed Shelemiah the priest, Zadok the scribe, and Pedaiah of the Levites, and in addition to them was Hanan the son of Zaccur, the son of Mattaniah ; for they were considered reliable, and it was their task to distribute to their kinsmen.

Mark 8:7 NIV
They had a few small fish as well; he gave thanks for them also and told the disciples to distribute them.

EVERYONE is called to distribution. What level are you going to try to attain to? Can I decide that? YES!

1 Corinthians 12

1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware. (There should be NO mystery about the gifts of God)

4 Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. 5 And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord. 6 There are varieties of effects, but the same God who works all things in all persons!!!!.....

31 But earnestly desire the greater gifts. A nd I show you a still more excellent way... LOVE (1 Cor 13)

If you walk in LOVE God will be able to use you to preform ALL his giftings in your life. LOVE requires that I desire and seek the gifts that bring the most benefit first. Distribution is one of those.

God says that if I give, it will be given to me pressed down, shaken together and running over. Who? Who will be giving to me? Who is going to be giving back me? God? Yes, God is. But who will he use. No angel is coming down and shoving money into your shirt. Men will. God will use men to bless men. I decide right now that I am going to be the man doing the pressing, shaking and running over on OTHERS behalf. I am gong to be a hose of God's blessing. Turn on the hose and the hose gets wet too!

Thoughts to live by. Darrell G. Wolfe
Have a joyous and laughter filled day celebrating the coming of the Anointed One and His Anointing!




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