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EMIC New Years Eve Service with Partner Kenneth Copeland

The New Years Eve service at EMIC with Kenneth Copeland was invigorating and challenging.
2012 Prophecies by KCM:

See it again here:
Saturday 7:15 PM | New Years Eve Word from Kenneth Copeland 12/31/11

I will now endeavour to recount my notes, some of which were said at the meeting and some of which are what I heard the Holy Spirit say to me during the meeting. I can't recall now which is which so these are the notes I took. I encourage you to listen and see what the Spirit tells you regarding 2012!

Offering time:
Psalms 65:11
You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance.

The Lord can bless anyone who will allow Him to!

Kenneth Copeland takes the platform: 

"2012 will be the most God revealing year ever!"

Norvel Hayes tells a story of a time he visited a church of about 300. The people were believing for a bus. God has made Norvel a man of means and he could have bought the bus. However, it's not his money, it's God's money. You can't meet every request for funds you see/hear you must ask God what HE would have you do. In this case God tells him to instruct the people in how he believes for things in his life and ministry. "Teach a man to fish..." principle. He pulls out a ten dollar bill. He says "I have a ten dollar bill here that I am going to sow into this project. He then laid out exactly what he was going to do to believe God for the thousand dollar harvest. He spent hours with them teaching them. He made an appointment to come back in a certain number of months to check back and they would all be able to come back with a thousand of their own.

Norvel came back and not ONE person had their thousand. He received his thousand outside of any of his normal business means. They ALL should have had the same result. But hardly no body thought about his teaching after they left that night. A few did hear and felt bad about forgetting and then tried to catch up. Some did come with 100 here or there. He said the Lord told him that he planned for that church to be filled with $300,000 plus that night.

What Happened?????

  1. They didn't make a decision to take the Word of the Lord seriously.
  2. Because they didn't make a decision they didn't hear. (Spiritually hear)
  3. Because they didn't hear they couldn't see it. 
  4. Because they couldn't see it they couldn't say it. 
  5. Because they couldn't say it they didn't act on it. 
  6. Because they didn't act on it they didn't receive it. 

Anytime God speaks MAKE A DECISION to believe it and take it seriously. No prophecy just comes to pass. Just like the people on Nineveh in Jonah's day, you must act on it. You action changes your future!

Kenneth said: You are about to hear some of the things God has planned for 2012. If you don't come out of 2012 with the BEST YEAR you have ever even heard of it's because you didn't make a decision...see the above list.

Now what is the opposite of failure? What is the KEY TO SUCCESS?

  1. You make a decision to take the Word of the Lord seriously!
  2. Because you make a decision you hear!
  3. Because you hear you see it!
  4. Because you see it you say it!
  5. Because you say it you act on it!
  6. Because you act on it you receive the Word of the Lord!

Jeremiah 17
Trust = Hope = Expectation of result!
Trust in Man = Curse
Trust in God = BLESSING

Deut 30:19
BLESSING vs Curse is YOUR CHOICE NOT GOD'S! YOU CHOOSE! God even tells you his choice for you "LIFE" but He won't make that choice for you! Poverty/Sickness VS BLESSING/Health is YOUR CHOICE!

Cursed men don't see when the plenty comes. BLESSED men don't see when the drought comes.

Prov 4:20
My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings.

Words - Logos
Sayings - Rhema

If you give enough attention to the Word of God it will eventually begin to speak to you! When it does you are on the verge of seeing the unseen. When the Word of God begins to speak to you, even when you are not physically looking at it anymore, you are on the verge of seeing the invisible and doing the impossible.

But don't let the Words/Sayings depart from your eyes/ears/heart...

Joshua 1:8
This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

Speak the Word, speak about the Word. Study, Meditate, Observe to do.

Meditate means to murmur, speak to yourself, repeat, observe, consider, ponder, imagine...

What you choose to observe = meditation.

If you are observing politics, economy, news, TV, drama, sitcoms.... You are observing things all the time. You can't help but observe something. Whatever it is you observe you ARE meditating. Choose the better thing, like Mary in Martha's house.

2 Cor 4:16-18 
Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Faint Not! Your inward man is being renewed by the Word. Paul was not LOOKING AT his afflictions. So he said they were light. While we look NOT @ SEEN... But look @ UNSEEN...

Consider/Count Temporary things as temporary.

Heb 12 We are compassed (surrounded) by witnesses. Run looking unto... just like Jesus ran looking unto...

Jesus didn't keep his eyes on the cross but on the JOY beyond it. He said "I only do what I see my Father do!"(John 5:19) Jesus gave us an example of what our prayer life should look like: "Go to your prayer closet in secret where no one can see you and there your Father will reward you!" (Matthew 6:18)

What was he saying? Was Jesus saying prayer get you tokens? Like: "Here is a gift for praying today little child!" NO! But that's the way we've read it! Jesus was saying that there is no reward/benefit to praying out in front of everyone for the purpose of being seeing. That is religious nonsense. Prayer is about getting into the presence of the Father in His Word and then letting Him speak to you through the Word and the Spirit! Then you are able to decide/hear/see/say/do/receive! There is reward (benefit, quality outcome, dividend) for that kind of prayer! That is the prayer Jesus did and that's why HE lived so successful! Jesus was literally telling us THE KEY to his success in life and we treated it as a simple "Stop being arrogant" message! 

Sight. What is seeing? Is seeing only done with eyes? Blind people will tell you they "see" the world through different eyes. I actually watched a documentary on vision where a man born blind learned to make clicking sounds by his first few years of life thereby using echo-location like a bat to see his way around. He can literally describe, in a rudimentary way the obstacles he is working through... WITHOUT TOUCH!. The sight function of his brain re-purposed to create image from his available senses.

Try this: A man walks into a house. It's a beautiful house in the mountains of Colorado. It's a thin house, longer than it is wide. Much like it were a bird house. When you enter the door there is a floor of red tile and a bench to place your muddy boots aside before entering. Ahead in the living room is a HUGE window that frames the mountain in back of the house...STOP...

Did you see it? Did you have images of that house pop into your mind? What color was the house exterior and roof? Was there a lake between the house and mountain range? What else did you see that I didn't describe? That is the power of the mind to "SEE" things. That SEEING ability is what God created us with to SEE our future and mold it to that image. He places the image in us and we walk with Him creating that future together. We must be cautious to paint only what HE reveals to us and not fill that picture with our own ideas. We cannot create plans and ask that He BLESS them. We must get HIS plans because they are already BLESSED!

What is a piano? It's a wood box. It could have just as easily been a coffin? Why is it a piano? Because someone built it/crafted it to be a piano. Framers come in with raw wood and bang away to create a shell. Finishers come in and do the fine detail work, like on the cabinets. Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith...

The Blue Print Draftsman and Fine Detail Finisher of our life! Heb 12:2

You don't see with your eyes, you see by revelation!  Aha! Moments.

Despise = Give no attention to. Jesus didn't give any attention to the shame because his eyes were on the JOY!

You become weary in well doing and faint in your mind by giving attention to other things and NOT giving attention to the Word! (Gal 6:9)

Christ = Anointed One and His Anointing!

What things were gained to me I counted the loss for the Anointing! (Phil 3:7) Lit Counted as dung!

I major on ONE THING: Forget the past and PRESS for the goal! (Phil 3:12)

Typhoon - Hurricane - Tempest all the same thing. Paul warned the people not to go to see because of the storm coming. They went and took him, a prisoner, anyway. He got so distracted by looking at and meditating that storm that he lost hope of life along with the rest of them! Even though Jesus appeared to him before hand and told him that he was assigned to preach in Rome! An angel had to come down and shake him up and get his attention back on the Word of the Lord, back on the plan! Then he could tell the men to take joy in the salvation about to come and they must have thought he was nuts! But they lived! (Acts 27) Paul got his attention fixed by the angel and his focus snapped together and he took authority of that situation, this is what we must do. When there comes a situation that makes your heart fail, fear creeps in (or storms in), you feel foggy, sad, depressed... when anything other than a strong sense of victory is present within... this is a sign that you must turn to the word and focus on the Word of God. Speak it out loud... Make a decision that you are going to believe God over the circumstance, read/hear God's word, see it, say it, act on it, and receive a change inside before you see any change on the outside. Notice that Paul didn't wait until the storm was over to say "Hey we made it!?!". Paul said that it was going to be alright when nothing had changed externally yet. Paul got his eyes on the anointing and off the ship. His inward change brought outward result.

When Peter walked on the water he got his eyes on the wind and waves and fear caused him to start to sink... first of all have you ever stepped into a pool? You don't "Start to sink" you are under in less than one second! Even with fear Peter was keeping some result because the Word is that strong! He was a trained fisherman and sailor. He was trained to observe the wind and waves in order to react and respond accordingly. However sailing a boat and walking on water do not operate on the same sets of laws. Therefore his experience was a hindrance to his faith. This is why Paul said that he counted all his degrees and experience as loss for the sake of the Anointing. The anointing doesn't care about your degrees and experience or lack thereof. Forget your support system!

There are NO excuses for failure! The Word always works. You either worked the Word or you didn't.

You don't make plans and ask God to bless them. You get on God's plan and it's already blessed! (Notice Plan Singular!)

Joshua and Caleb saw the same giants that the others saw but they focused on the Word of God had a different report. for 40+ years they wandered the desert with that group of unbelieving people. Delayed because of others disobedience. They could have let bitterness develop or pondered those giants and thought "Maybe they were right" or any number of things in those 40 years. But they didn't. They focused on the Word of God for 40 years. So much so that Caleb was as strong at 80 as he was at 40 and he took his mountain for God when finally given the chance!

When combat time comes what do you do? Make up plans? Consult with men? How are we going to take Jericho? Nobody would have said: "I know... let's march around the city seven times and yell at it!"

NO NO NO.... Look at the word day and night until the plan of God is not just birthed inside of you but FULL GROWN in you. Until you see it, in full, already won inside of you before you set out!

Jesse Duplantis says the key to successful leadership and ministry is:

Never let them forget what you did. Remind them about what you are doing. Let them know what you are going to do. 

This gets everyone on the same page and that continued focus build the faith inside. I say that must be true in a household too. Remind yourself and family what you've done with God in the past, what God is doing now, and what God is GOING to do! That builds faith! God commanded Joshua to have courage. This is how you do it! See it until you see it!

See it until you see it!

Imagine it, see it, say it, it comes to pass. What happened at the tower of Babel? Thought was confused. This does not indicate that languages were immediately changed. Rather people couldn't get on the same page of thought. Nail. Do you mean big nail, small nail, hang nail? What do you mean? It became so incapacitating that they separated and went their way. Up until this time there was only one system in the world, God's system. See it, Say it, Do it! Now they had to find their own way and reason became the ruling rule. Eventually languages developed and even physical changes took place in people over the course of time. But it started as thought confusion.

You can see without seeing. Just ask Helen Keller. Born blind and deaf people thought she was mentally ill. Water! That was her breakthrough. Her problem was not a lack of mental ability. She wasn't mentally handicapped. She merely couldn't associate a thing with a word or communication. Once she could communicate water to her teacher a whole world opened up to her.

Our problem has always been seeing things in the Spirit until Jesus came. When he came the Spirit of God was able to open that world to us and we, like Helen, had a breakthrough. We could SEE it for the first time! Jesus could then open a world "The works that I do shall you do also."

The Holy Spirit opened out world just like spiritual Helen Keller's. We own 2012. We are so BLESSED and independent of the world's system that we don't mind if there is a recession. We just keep going. We COULD go on not caring about election and who wins or looses. However people that don't know how to live BLESSED are being affected by elections and leaders of this world and so we must vote and care who wins. We don't vote according to natural reasoning's or "Who could win". We vote according to the instruction of the Word of God. We ask Him who, and then vote as we are commanded by our Lord, despite who we think "has a chance".

If you are too busy in life, make sure that everything you are doing are things God told you to do. When God told Kenneth to go on radio he said "I don't see how I could do that?" He was preaching 7 days a week and sometimes multiple times a day. But only half of that was God. He took on more than God asked him to. He wasn't busy working for God, but he thought he was. Go to the scriptures and meditate until you SEE the answer to your situation, circumstance, dilemma, project, etc. Don't mind the "How". That's not what you are seeking. God is responsible for the "How" you are responsible for the "Do". Like Israel marching around Jericho and shouting at it. They needed the "DO". They didn't need to know HOW God would cause that to knock down walls into victory, just that he WOULD!

Also, if you meditate on wealth apart from God you will pierce yourself through. That's Satan's realm. Don't go meditating on wealth. Meditate on the Word of God and the BLESSING and what it's for: To Bless Others!

Gal 3:13
The blessing of Abraham is upon us. How did God bless Abraham? He was VERY RICH! You may feel like old failure himself. Everything you have ever done has been a failure. But you don't become very rich by your ability. You become very rich because THE BLESSING IT MAKES RICH!

Meditate on THE BLESSING! It's your choice. You choose to yield to the curse or yield to the blessing. See it, yield to it, have it!

SEED. Seed it the way the blessing works in the earth. We don't "give things away", people through things away. We don't give away. We give INTO. We SOW INTO.

Word of the Lord:
It's a time of GREAT WEALTH! 
GREAT OPPORTUNITIES. Get you eyes on God and continue to stay in my rest! 
Rest = Release of heaven to you! 
Your full recovery is at hand. 

Our response: I believe I will, I take it, I have it, Thank you for it! I forgive! 

Word of the Lord:
My love for you is very great. I am very pleased. I find no fault with you or in your redeemer. If you have things in your life that ought not be there repent. Think no more of it. Get your eyes on your redemption! "But I've been this way for years" you say. Get over it!

Word of the Lord:
It is a time for Australia's outbreak. You're going to see things in the next 18 months you've never thought you'd see in your lifetime! Things you've been believing for suddenly come to pass!

A lesson I learned: Sin is about attention/focus. What you focus on develops and gets bigger. If you focus on smoking, think about it, try it a few times, eventually it is built in to you. If you think about anger or the wrong that was done if will eventually consume you and because a fortress of unforgiveness.

It upsets God when his people won't receive. Especially because they can't bless others!

End of Service notes...

Replay of Word of the Lord for 2012! From earlier in 2011.

2012 Prophecies from Eagle Mountain Church on Vimeo.


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  • Saint: A Paradise Novel (here) by Ted Dekker (Author). He's an assassin, or is he? He finds a secret to his past that unlocks supernatural abilities, at a cost.
  • For a full list of all my book suggestions, see my Amazon Store.

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