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Saturday, January 21, 2012

You Don’t Have To Be Gay

You Don’t Have To Be Gay

It was on a training trip to Summit Ministries, that I first learned about Jeff Konrad. The book “You Don’t Have To Be Gay” written by Jeff was among the most influential things I experienced there. It answered so many questions and inner struggles I had growing up.
I strongly suggest anyone struggling with Homosexuality and anyone with friends and family members who struggle with it, read this book. Don’t believe the hype of media and society. You don’t have to be gay. It is not something you chose, but it’s not something you have to choose to live with either. There is no magic cure or special program you need either. Jesus and His word will heal you. However, sometimes beginning to understand the underlying factors in a disorder helps with the healing process. 
In a similar, but not the same, manner as alcoholics benefit from learning about the underlying biological and environmental factors that caused their condition, helping aide the healing process, so it is with homosexuality. It is a disorder. The word disorder isn't shameful, it simply means to be out of order, not functioning the way God made us. Truth be told, all humans are born with disorder. It's a result of sin on the earth due to The Fall of Adam in the Garden. 
God has an answer. Jesus has an answer for you! The Word of God through The Blessing restores THE BLESSING to mankind through Jesus. We don't have to be sick, broke, bound, or broken any longer in any area of our lives. There is freedom for those who want it. If you don't want it, and you are angry at the mere mention of this article title I have news for you... nobody asked you to read it. You read it because deep down... you want to be free. There is a void on the inside of each human being that only God can fill. See all these articles below. 
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