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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Healing Oil... A Quote from Every Day A Friday...

Proverbs 15:4 says a gentle tongue brings healing. It’s amazing what a few kind words can do. It’s amazing the impact you can have when you tell somebody: “Hey, everything will be all right. I’m praying for you. I believe in you. You’ve got good days up ahead.”

Those words have healing power. But when somebody is rude to you, it’s easy to respond the same way. Instead of judging that person, if you first step into his or her shoes, it will help you put on the right set of eyes; eyes of love and not of judgment.

This doesn’t mean you are excusing the person’s behavior. What they are doing may be wrong. It may be their fault. They may have brought the trouble on themselves. But I’ve learned I’m not the judge. God is the judge. I’m not here to straighten everybody out. I’m here to help bring healing.

Our job is to pour healing oil on the wounds. Our job is to lift fallen, to be a friend to the lonely, to encourage the discouraged. When you take this merciful approach, instead of giving them what they deserve , you start the healing process. You say, “I understand. They’re not having a good day. I understand they’re under a lot of stress. I understand life is not treating them fairly.”

Joel Osteen “Every Day A Friday”

How about you? You see anything to add to this? Want to share what examples you have seen or experience in yourself or others? Comment below. 

I call you empowered 2 prosper with good success!

N2 Good SuccessDarrell G. Wolfe

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