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God Uses Batman To Say I Love You!

Batman Means: "I Love You!"

Attribution: DarrellWolfe.Com Sound Board Settings Look Like Batman Signal
Attribution: DarrellWolfe.Com 

Batman Hiding In The Soundboard:

Some time ago I was working on the Digico SD7 sound board @+GatewayPeople Church, in Southlake TX.  As we went over all the settings for the set list that night, it occurred to me that the setting on one of the Cajon mics looked like.... Batman!

My oldest has really been into Batman, so I brought the picture home to show him, and he really enjoyed it! Some might call this random.

I See God. 

I don't believe in random. There is no such thing as luck, ever.

There are three forces at play in this world, and none of them are random.

  • God's Kingdom: (always brings good/blessing). 
  • Satan's kingdom: (always brings theft, killing, and destruction). 
  • Man's Free Will: (the most random element of the three, responds to these).
When these three come crashing down on each other things go flying in different directions.

Yet in the midst of it all... GRACE is there.

I See Opportunity

Grace gave me the gift of Batman to bring home to my son. Grace gave my son a gift, not just of Batman, but a moment with his father to laugh and smile. That moment may, or may not, ever become a conscious memory for him; however, it will be an impression on his heart/spirit. As those impressions build they will create in him a force which will propel him into his future.

I was reminded today that my son doesn't belong to me, he belongs to God! Tweet That!

I am but his steward, his shepherd.

I am here to tend to him, feed him, train him, keep him safe, provide an environment where he can grow up to hear God for himself. I am to train him in the Spirit, so that by the time he is old enough to make his own choices in the world, he is a force to be reckoned with. The Kingdom of God will be so strong in him, that darkness cannot stand in his presence, or in the presence of his generation.

If I never minister to another single person, he (and my wife, my other son, and any other kids to come) are to be, and remain, my first priority. They are to be the first ones to receive any good thing the Father has put in me. Only when they are prospering through my ministry to them, can I minister to others in any meaningful way.

I See Love and Grace

I choose today, to stop... and smell the roses.

I choose to be less hurried. I choose to get up a little earlier and spend time waiting on God.

Being STILL, and knowing He is God! 

I choose to see the patterns that others miss.

When I see God doing something I'll be sensitive to it, and listen to Him for it, and see what He is doing for me, to me, through me. I'll see what He wants to say, or how I can participate.

God might be sending me a ground breaking message to take to Africa today... OR... he might just be showing me Batman, to demonstrate a message to a little boy:

He loves you... just like you are!

By Darrell Wolfe

This Weeks Resource:

  • The Ministry Of: Dean Sikes is a true inspiration to experience. He specializes in ministering to youth one single message, one clarion call: YOU MATTER

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And now I leave you with a question:

What Pattern Has God Been Showing You Lately? 
To Respond Leave A Comment on This Post




Some lawyers stay up at night trying to ruin free society and create new rules. Therefore, here are the disclosures I must have that you probably won't read.

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So today was nice?

I woke up late with no where to go, and nothing to do. I think some people call that sleeping in on a Saturday.
My head didn't hurt as much as it usually does. So that was nice.

By about 3pm ish, I actually left the house for a while. Went to Walmart, Sonic, Wendy's and In-n-Out.

It was really nice outside. Cool enough not to feel hot, but warm enough for a t-shirt, breeze outside, 70's?

I did not feel especially down, or moody.

I did the dishes. Several days worth. That took an hour and half. But my wife baked angel food cake, and macerated strawberries for strawberry shortcake. So have two sinks full of dishes again tomorrow, but the desert was lovely.

Other than the errand, and doing dishes, we basically watched Gilmore Girl's re-runs all day. I forgot how much I REALLY enjoyed that show. The wry wit, and comic timing are impeccable, it's so hard to find great writing, directing, and acting like that. Punchy.

Yet... I left the day with the usual empty feeling.

Like the…

A little ditty I was singing in the kitchen...

I can't recall the words to...

This song that's stuck in my head...

I must know the words, to this stupid song, or I can't go to bed...

It's the Circle of Life...

Oh yeah, that's right, the Lion King...

It's Elton John... At the height of his career...

Good Night!

Shalom: Live Long and Prosper!
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