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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Interview... Gone Wild!!!!

After hearing about North Korea's attack, I got to thinking how tired I am of dictators like the Kim Jong's, Putin, or Obama... People that are always trying to get the masses to comply to their will or be afraid of being outspoken...

Here's what I would be tempted to do if I were @SonyPictures or @SethRogen, I'd just send the movie via mp4 to every known email address in the world I could get my hands on with a message to pass it around.

Take that Dictatorships of the world!

Or not...

Maybe I wouldn't...

Or would I?

I didn't make the movie, so I don't get to make that call. I guess we'll never know.

Come on Sony... Do it... Do it... I DARE you!!



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