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Some lawyers stay up at night trying to ruin free society and create new rules. Therefore, here are the disclosures I must have that you probably won't read.

Getting Unstuck. Be Still. Be Led. Be Open

I learned a few lessons in getting unstuck this week. And surprise surprise, it all came back to Be Still. Be Led. But also, Be Open... to the new, weird, and extra-ordinary ways God wants to speak to you.

I feel stuck. 
I have felt stuck for nearly my entire life. I have mountain top experiences, camp when I was young, Kairos a few months ago. I do well afterward, I get up in the mornings fired up to spend time with God. I have my bible and notebook ready, I'm praying. I'm connecting. I'm getting things out of it. Then... I disconnected. I sleep in one morning and don't get up in time to do my routine. Then one day, weeks/months have gone by since I've been in my bible or prayer time. This has happened for as long as I can remember, Jr. High even.

After enough time passes with my loosing all that momentum, I've fallen back into old behavior and thought patterns. I'm over eating, under sleeping, and engaging in behaviors and thoughts that are counter producti…

Special Alert: 1099-C Taxe Solution (the possible way you can avoid paying taxes on your 1099-C, if you qualify!)

*Disclosure: I'm not a tax consultant, I'm a normal person who is sharing his experience. Consult your own tax adviser or resources for your situation. Warning!! Tax Nightmare Approaching... Surprise 1099-CSo a few years ago we were humming right along. Our business's hadn't made much of anything (less than $100.00 annually!) We have always filled taxes in late January or early February. Not much to report. Income and Interest paid on debts. This particular year, everything went through with the IRS, and we received our tax return.

Later that year, we received notice of an Audit, because we failed to file the 1099-C with our tax return.I asked myself... what is a 1099-C? Top FAQ's on 1099-C's HERE. The short answer is this:

Debt Incurred: You borrow money from a company. Debt Unpaid: You fail to pay that debt off, and it goes to collections. Time Elapse: Time Passes.Time Elapse: MORE time passes. Report the Loss: Years later, they've tried to collect that deb…

01/11/15 @GatewayPeopleNFW

Mathew 7:1-2
Luke 6:37-38
Judge not and pick your measure...

Give, and it will be given is not just about money. Being a giver is all about the heart. Being a giver involves time, talent, treasure, inconveniencing yourself for others....

Judgment, Condemnation, Forgiveness... You give judgment and you reap judgment. You give forgiveness and forgiveness will be reaped.

Deut 15:7-8
God gave the land, therefore, give to your brother. Don't close your hand because he can't pay you back. Lend to the poor, GOD pays you back.

You should give without being greived about it. You can only grieve over giving when you thought it was yours.

Why did God create-invent giving? Do you really think that God needs your money to support His work???

God, So over that He gave!

Deal with a selfish heart.
<before we give>
Deal with a grieving heart.
<after we give>
Develop a generous heart.
<you were born again generous>
Develop a grateful heart.
<remember what you have been given, this will a…

Boston Bombing Vision | Eta

Over at the café', Janice is still chattering away about the latest episode of Blacklist, which Eta is normally very into. Today she just feels less normal. That dream, it had gone away since she'd been doing her herbal teas, but now it was back. Was this a relapse?
Suddenly, in her mind's eye, she saw a waiter walk by and trip on her purse, dropping the bottle of Perrier he was carrying.
She turned to Janice who had stopped talking, and was now staring at Eta. " You feeling' ok hun? "
"I'm fine Janice, I'm sorry… these darn headaches, what were you saying? " Eta denied it.
"You need something? I always carry the standards, generic of course… same thing, less money…"
"Janice, it's nothing really." Just then a waiter walked by with a bottle of Perrier. He tripped on her purse, and she reached out and caught the bottle before it hit the ground.
"You have amazing reflexes! Thank you!" the waiter stated, and he m…

Emotions. Community. Connection. Irrelevant. Tedious.

Emotions. Community. Connection.  
These are words I do not fully understand, or appreciate. I've always felt the odd man out... as though, even sitting in the middle of a group of "friends", I was looking in from the outside. All these people belong here, but I don't.

I've attempted to find and access these words over time... nearly always falling short. I can count the males (whom I'm not related to) that I would willingly (and easily) pick up the telephone and call just to say hello... on one hand. And I rarely even do that. 

So then, during a recent research session for my project, I came across the topic of Emotional Intelligence.

Then I came across this post "Signs that you lack emotional intelligence".

Here are some of the telltale signs that you need to work on your emotional intelligence:

You often feel like others don’t get the point and it makes you impatient and frustrated.You’re surprised when others are sensitive to your comments or jokes …

Thaddeus J. B. Rotcudnoc

Character Sketch (Hints)

Motivation: Power/Control, to be the apex of every triangle, and the conductor of every interaction.

Character Sketch


Black Suit, real name unknown
Alias: Thaddeus J. B. Rotcudnoc

Thaddeus abhors social inventions. He is a trillion-aire. His net personal (non-corporate) net worth is equal, at least, to the annual GDP of North America combined.

He needs to be in control of all things at all times. Money is not a motivation, it is a tool used to achieve that control. He owns half the US Senators, and blackmails another 1/4 of them. He considers Warren Buffet a small time nuisance, and sometimes an unwitting participant in his schemes.

Real power is wielded secretly, quietly, and firmly. He never uses his real name, he's not even sure if he can remember his real name.

Today he's decided to be known as Thaddeus.

Overview: Traits, Strengths, SDI, Type, Gifts, Talents, Skills

Physical Description
White Hiar
Clean, Professional, part to …

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Some lawyers stay up at night trying to ruin free society and create new rules. Therefore, here are the disclosures I must have that you probably won't read.

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