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God cares what you wear, but not for the reason you think.

God's Opinion vs God's Will
Several times in my life, I've heard someone say that God doesn't care what you where today; that the will of God is not that precise. Just pick something and go with it. Although there may be an element of truth to that, I don't think that paints an accurate and complete picture.

No. The will of God is not so precise, that if you don't pick just the right outfit you'll miss the will of God for your life today. In all but the most unusual circumstances, I doubt that would be the case.

Yes. God does care what you wear today.

Men, doesn't your wife? I know that I could wear anything I want, but if I ask my wife what I should wear she'll have an opinion that day. God cares more about the details of my life than my wife does.

That is the real heart of the issue. It's about relationship. He'll have an opinion for the day. If you ask, He'll give you His opinion. It's just one more element of that relationship He'…

Can you lose your salvation? The Eternal Debate

For those who don't want the long drawn out study, here is my short answer: 
Q:      Can you lose your salvation? A:      No. Jesus paid the price that you never could, which covered your past, present, and future from all sin. You cannot lose your salvation; you cannot behave or think badly enough to lose it by failure or sin. John 10:27-30 NKJV

Caveat:      In very rare circumstances, someone who was very close to Jesus, Baptized in the Holy Spirit, living a life bathed in the miraculous... can, by an act of their will, choose to reject Jesus to the point that they cannot be brought back to repentance. In essence, this person says "To Heck with Jesus, and everything he stands for." This person is not an atheist, he is like Satan himself, who knows God and Jesus intimately and willfully chose to reject the authority of God and walk away forever. If this was you; you wouldn't care what the answer to this question is because you wouldn't WANT to be saved; neither wo…

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