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Monday, April 20, 2015

Parables | Stories | Word Pictures

Teaching Through Stories

So yesterday @GatewayPeople (+gatewaychurchtv ) Pastor Robert Morris taught about Jesus "The Teacher".

The Teacher | Service | 7 | Jesus | A Gateway Series | Robert Morris | 28:44 | 04/18/2015
Pastor Robert continues the Jesus series with a message titled, “The Teacher,” where he explains how Jesus is a great teacher and why His teachings were so compelling and powerful. 
Matthew 13:54, 22:33; John 7:32, 45–46 , Matthew 7:28–29 

He mentioned how nearly all of Jesus messages were based in Stories and Word Pictures. This was in comparison to the teachers of the day, who taught dry, disjointed, rule-based teachings. One person noted that the volumes of teaching from Israel's Rabbi's were the longest, drying, most boring, disjointed ramblings ever recorded. Yet, here was Jesus, and people would come from miles and miles, follow Him into deserted places, just to hear him speak.

What caused them to want to listen? He taught in stories and word pictures. This has been a theme for me this year, as God has been dealing with me to delve into creative writing (fiction and possibly story based song writing (like some of Garth Brooks best stuff)).

So if you start to hear/read more stories from me on this blog... this was your advanced notice that it was coming.



And now I leave you with a question:


So... what is the most POWERFUL story you've ever heard/read? 

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By Darrell Wolfe


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