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GPS Road Deserts | Why do I feel so lost and alone?

How connecting with God and getting a new perspective can heal your heart, release you from depression, and get you moving to a healthier you.
In this article, we'll talk about two things you can do to get healthier emotionally and spiritually. Connect your GPS by moving and Update your GPS Maps by getting new data.

GPS Road Deserts - When you lose your way emotionally/spiritually 
Have you ever been in one spot (like a parking lot) and asked the GPS for instructions on how to get to your chosen destination and it shows you in the middle of a road desert? Then you start driving and it all of a sudden knows where you are and begins giving your instruction.

That's how it is when dealing with emotional and spiritual health. I woke up this morning and slowly faded into a depressed state. I tracked my mood at a 6/10 upon waking up but sank to a 3/10 by the time I decided to do something about it.

So I did what I have made a commitment to do every morning. I went on a walk and asked Dadd…

Short Story: The Treasure Room

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21
It's true, where you spend your money is an indication of what you value. This is why Tithe (money) is the number one indicator of whether you Trust God (heart issue).

What if we turned this verse around for a moment? What if we imagined that the treasure is your heart?

For where your heart is, there will be your deepest treasures.We then come to realize that the human heart is the real treasure. It's not our money or belongings that matter in life, but the hearts we touch along the way.

As I pondered that this morning, I imagined the following story. I hope you enjoy and take something away for yourself today.


The sun poured into his bedroom window casting shadows around his room. The birds chirping in the tree just outside provided a bittersweet contrast to his otherwise solemn mood.

The house did not get many visitors, because Bob was a sheltered man. He lived far away, in the mountains. When he des…

4 Keys to understanding painful emotions and how to process them to facilitate healing.

When are Painful Emotions caused Real Trauma and when are they caused by a Lie
When you feel hurt, sad, lonely, depressed, angry, fearful, infatuated, love, happiness, giddiness...

These are emotions.

Since "negative" or painful emotions are the ones that cause of the most problems, I will be focusing on those here.

As I wrote about negative thoughts, filters, and triggers in An open letter for #Depression... Wanting to quit! I was dealing with my own at the time.

As I've now had some time to process through some of my own emotions, I want to talk specifically about "Emotions".

I've come to realize there a few points that may help us deal with emotions more effectively:

1. All emotions are valid
2. Some emotions are not caused by real trauma, lies.
3. Some emotions are caused by real trauma, truth.
4. The Compound Effect

1. All emotions are validMany times, we are afraid to admit we are feeling something painful. We don't want to face it or deal with it, so we bur…

An open letter for #Depression... Wanting to quit!

So you wish you were dead... or something like that.
Or you wish you were never born, or you wouldn't mind an accident that took you out, or you just don't feel like you want to keep going... Maybe you are saying things like:

I quitI don't want to play anymoreI can't do this anymoreIt's just so hardI'm so tiredI'm so lonelyNobody likes me, wants me, or loves meEveryone (or someone in particular) would be better off if I were dead, or gone, or just disappearedI'm going to run away and to be a hobo... or live in a cabin in the woods where I can't hurt anyone anymore and they can't hurt me.

From one person who battles against Depression to another (or maybe to myself if I'm reading this during one of my darker moments), I get it.

I've said all of these things from time to time, more often than I'd care to admit. In fact, I'm writing this letter primarily to me so I can re-read it when I get into another dark place, and second to you my …

I am at my best when I... A tool to create daily habits that create victory one decision at a time.

Building a daily habit is a huge part of living successfully and also imperative when fighting depression.
Creating a list of simple, practical things you can do each day to feed your inner spiritual/emotional/physical health and then posting it in places you can see will go a long way to helping you develop good healthy habits.

Keep in mind, these are intentions. 

If you don't do all of them, don't beat yourself up about it. Maybe today is a really hard day and all you can muster is the strength to read them, that's okay. Maybe you can just do one of them, that's better than nothing.

Think of these as things you intend to do, not things you "must" do to "be a good person".

Here’s some homework for you: fill in the blank with between 5-10 different statements.I am at my best when I ____________ (this should be a daily habit).

Note: this can also include avoiding a negative habit, ideally one that in some way identifies as contributing to acting out, (some…

A Text Message (SMS) From God to You

A Text Message (SMS) From God to You

This tool is designed to help you practice hearing from God... One word from God can change your life forever.

Here's how it works:

Start by getting a pad of paper and a pen (or you can do it electronically in OneNote or Evernote... but there's something about handwriting that helps you stay out of your head and in tune with your heart).Write each of these statements and leave enough room to write what you hear.I see you…I hear you...I care...I am...Get really still, in a quiet place or with worship music if you'd like.Focus on your heart and belly, not your mind.Then just write whatever you feel God's response is saying. Don't over think it, or second-guess... this is just a tool to help you practice hearing God.

Here is an example of what I heard when I tried it the first time.

I see you…
- Afraid to take on new challenges because you think you'll fail.
- Lonely & Aching for a companion
- So busy you keep putting the urgent in…

Book Reflection: Understanding Scripture

Understanding Scripture - Buy Now

Review: Understanding ScriptureThis is a review of the text, Understanding Scripture (Grudem, Collins, & Schreiner, 2012). The authors provide the backdrop for making their case: To profit from Scripture, one must take the right posture. At one extreme, the skeptic questions and judges whatever he/she reads. At the other, the overconfident believer, convinced he has mastered the biblical or systematic theology, ignores or explains away whatever fails to support his system. Interpreters should come to Scripture humbly, expecting to learn and be corrected and willing to observe Scripture closely and accept whatever they find. (Grudem, Collins, & Schreiner, 2012), Pg 12 They go on to lay out several key items to contemplate as we embark on this journey of discovery in the greatest story ever told. The Narrative: The Greatest Story Ever ToldThe Narrative refers to the on-going story that began In the Beginning and rolls right through Abraham, Jesus, P…

Book Reflection: Saving the Bible from Ourselves

Saving the Bible from Ourselves - Buy Now

Review: Saving the BibleThis is a review of the text, Saving the Bible from Ourselves (Paauw, 2016). Paauw begins by diagnosing a strongly felt problem throughout the Church in Western Culture. He summarizes it as follows:
“But we are also assured that even if we spend only a few minutes in the morning, we’re sure to find the spiritual gem to get us through. The Bible will brighten our day, encourage us and strengthen us, if only we will faithfully open it – even if just for a few moments. Those ‘Scriptures’ – which more typically refer to presorted sentences and snippets – are said to be powerful. And Yet. We know there is more to the story than the official line… The ‘and yet’ comes down to this: There is more guilt about secret non-compliance with Bible-reading standards in the self-proclaimed Bible-believing community than there is gratitude for promises realized.” (Paauw, 2016), 14-15.With this simple statement, he accurately defines a prob…

Book Reflection: Elements of a Christian Worldview

Elements of a Christian Worldview - Buy Now
This is a reflection of the text Elements of a Christian Worldview (Palmer, 1998, 2013). Rather than a single text devoted to the topic by the mind of one man, Palmer takes on a journey as a tour guide by editing together the essays of multiple authors on various topics as they relate to a Christian Worldview. From the history and shaping of Worldview as a concept, to how it relates to Christianity, the first portion of the text sets us up to understand the context.

Palmer then dives into specific topics, such as Science, Human Nature, Divine Rest & Work, Music, Literature, History, and Politics. Each essay author has a particular background and story to tell as they explore in-depth their particular assignment. While each comes with a clear perspective, they lead the horse to the water but do not force him to drink. The reader is left to ponder these weighty topics without being force-fed one particular view.

Throughout the text, the autho…

Book Reflection: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity - Buy Now
This is a reflection paper of the text Mere Christianity (Lewis, 1952, 1980). The content was first delivered as radio broadcast material between 1942-1944 by Clive Staples “CS” Lewis. Lewis then gathered the materials and published them as three sperate works, later combining and editing the text that became Mere Christianity. With the mind of a scholar and the mouth of a layman, Lewis takes us through the various topics that affect our lives as Christians and provides practical break-downs of how we are to treat each topic, supplemented by a host of modern parallels and parables. He is careful not to take any position that is not laid solidly in the Word of God, leaving those positions that are controversial within the Church either without an opinion or a well-deserved analysis of each side. However, far from a dry treatment of theology, Lewis gives us a laugh through each turn as he cuts through the heady stuff for the “why behind” each discussion item. …

Final Paper: A Christian Worldview | Be Still & Be Led

A Christian Worldview | Be Still & Be Led “It takes a good theologian to help you misunderstand the Bible.” Jesse (Duplantis, Unknown)
We discussed many individual topics within the Christian Worldview course. The texts, Elements of a Christian Worldview (Palmer, 1998, 2013) and Mere Christianity (Lewis, 1952, 1980) forced us to look at things like sex and sexuality; politics, the place of literature, art, and entertainment/media in the life of a Christian, and what it means to “work hard/play hard”. How does one choose an individual topic to focus on? What one topic deserves our focused attention? It was as I pondered the Week 6 discussion questions about having discernment in our times to interact with Christ and Culture, that I realized the topic I needed to write about.  Rather than address a single topic from the text Elements of a Christian Worldview (Palmer, 1998, 2013), we can all of them in a simple statement: Be Still & Be Led.

Jesus simplified all the commandments …

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Some lawyers stay up at night trying to ruin free society and create new rules. Therefore, here are the disclosures I must have that you probably won't read.

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