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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Seers are Seekers

Take away: Seers are Seekers

While I prayed about my role in the world, as a Storyteller, Scribe, and Sophist... I've always been drawn to the idea of the Seer. 

Some prophets don't just get words, they see things. I am among them. It's been Dormant for decades, willfully suppressed by hard heart and willful disobedience and disillusionment and bitterness..... But it's always there, underneath, waiting to be answered by the Noble me, hiding underneath the hard outer shell. The part of me that wants to love the people I'm arguing with online... (Sorry friends).... 

But a Seer doesn't just See. If you want to activate the Prophetic gifting and really walk in it consistently, you must begin to SEEK. 

Seek and ye shall find... 

Seers are Seekers, first and foremost. Seekers not of visions for visions sake, or for fame or attention or so people can say "wow, cool gift".... All that will burn to ash. 

Seers Seek the HEART of God for a dying and broken world. As they see HIS heart, cry his tears, see the brokenness in all its ugliness then and only then can He show them his answer to the pain. They can see the move of God and declare its coming. Like John, preparing a way in the wilderness. 

Everyone can have a facet of this gift working in their lives, even if they have no specific calling to be a Seer. 

So the question is....

Will I, will you, SEEK so we can SEE?


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