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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Reality is real... unless it's not.

When you are working with or talking with other humans...

... You must come to realize that although truth is not relative, truth is true, all the time, no matter how you feel about it...

... Perception is not reality. Perception is not truth.

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

There is what I see, through my lens, filters, past experiences, and the revelations I've had up to today... that perception is what fuels how I feel about an event, decisions, or outcome.

Then... there is what the other person sees, through their lens, filters, past experiences, and the revelations they've had up to today... that perception is what fuels how they feel about an event, decisions, or outcome.

The truth is either somewhere in between, closer to you, closer to them, or both of you are flat wrong.

Just remember, when you are running down the list of what someone else "should" do... you aren't seeing it through their lenses. They may not have the strength, revelation, background insights, or the ability to do what they "should" do.

Just maybe what they "should" do in your mind is not, in fact, what they "should" do.

Just maybe, God's taking them on a different road.

This does not negate truth. Truth is true, every time, always, regardless of how you or I see it. Some things are objectively true. Other things are often true, like principals with rare exceptions.

Most things are not this cold hard truth. Most things fall under the category of living out the revelation we have as best as we can, and letting God make up the difference between what we know and what we should know.

Before you get all worked up about what someone should do, like a parent looking down on a child... maybe back off a second and listen a little better. Either you don't see it right, or you do see it right, but you see it so you can pray for them. They're not ready to hear it or see it.

Either way, take a step back and ask God...

"What are you seeing, what are you saying, and what do you want me to say?"



Shalom: Live Long and Prosper!
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