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Monday, December 23, 2019

Put your politics away... INSTEAD... hear what people's hearts are crying for and about.

God's opinion about policies and politics probably isn't the same as yours... or mine. 

Part of NO HIDING is to fully embrace correction, even when the thing you are being asked to key go of our change is something you're passionate about, maybe especially then.

As I was in prayer and worship, I was listening to this song and the words got me thinking about the Impeachment news and arguments with people about it... 

Thanks to @brianwertheim for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

Words of the song:

Oh come let us adore him... All of our sins are stones at the bottom of your oceans. 🎢🎢

I Heard God Say:

Son, I came to reconcile the wayward world to me. 

You can be right in facts and wrong in heart. Division and Strife are not my spirit. 

Truth may cause those who hate truth to hate you, but, your heart is to seek reconciliation, comfort, grace, mercy, seeking to understand and minister to hearts not to start arguments. 

Someone's heart may be wrong in solution but right in intention. 

Your job isn't to debate the rightness of the solution you offer... But to hear and understand the person's heart cry underneath the position or belief they hold. 

As we enter a Political Season... Seek to see their heart's cry and not focus on the difference of solution.

Also... some of your Political Fervor is based in rebellion. I've given the template of human governance in my Word. Neither the Reds or Blues or Yellows are fully on board. 

Go get my opinion instead of operating out of rebellion against authority and against responsibility to your brothers.


Darrell Wolfe, Storyteller


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