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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Star Wars Storytelling... No Spoilers

I won't give anything away, I don't think... But the latest Star Wars IX was the best ever produced. 

Meme, Author Unknown

Although they gave a nod to the previous franchise, closing it out in satisfying ways, they also used one of THE most powerful Storyteller tricks ever created... "First, break all the rules". 

It felt like the first time a Star Wars movie ever gave me a good story, an actual story. It was still a Star Wars movie. It was bound by decades of tradition and broken story loops. But it was the best story one could have told with the source material given. 

And now it's cleaned up and ready for a new birth that could take it in satisfying directions the old franchise never could have told. 

Which makes me think about my own story... Have I made a clean cut with my old life while bringing forward the best of the legacy, like my kids? 

Have I remembered to First Break All The Rules? 

The only rules I need carry into the next leg of my journey are those I developed along the way that served me well. Those rules that kept me back can be discarded. 



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