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Thursday, December 26, 2019

What if... Faith

What if... 

As children we play with what if, we imagine a thousand scenarios for our characters. As we enter adulthood, what if becomes a negative. What if childlike Faith meant turning are what if back around?

What if... Could be a statement used to disempower, what if something awful happens?

What if... Could be a statement of empowerment, what if we tried it this way or that way?

What if... Could be a statement of vision and dream, what if we could do anything we wanted how would we start working towards that?

As I look into 2020 & beyond, I'm finding that I've moved from a what if negative to a what if empowerment and I'm now looking at moving into a what if visionary.

What if you decided to take Authority and Dominion over 2020? What if...

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