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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Open doors do not equal God's will...

I once had a disagreement with a young man at a Biblical Retreat. He didn't want to hear God's voice, he wanted to be led by open doors. If the opportunity came, it was God. 


Such a sinister thing. It has the sound of Wisdom when it is Folly. 

We cannot have Faith for what we have not Heard. Faith comes by Hearing (not reading or seeing). 

Jesus was surrounded by a crowd that wanted to make Him King. But he had heard His Father. He knew his Destiny and Plan. He ran from that "open door of opportunity". He went off by himself, into the hills, to be alone with his Daddy and hear His voice. 

Anytime we are presented with an opportunity, we should do the same. Sleep on it. Get away. Hear Daddy's voice, and get Wisdom about that decision.

Don't be led by opportunity, that's the Tree of Knowledge.

Be led by the Spirit of God, the Voice of His Word, and by the Heart of your Daddy. 

Are you facing an opportunity today but feeling anxious about it? Could be a signal to get with Daddy and hear His heart.




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