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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Radical Authenticity. Healthy Theology. Fulfilling Relationships.

Are we being real with each other?

"How are you?"

"I'm well."

We move on with a smile. 


Is that real well, or fake Christian-eeze well. But inside you're actually dying?

It's always amazing to me how we say "Oh, I'm just blessed brother!" Then go cry in the car. 

So I have begun pressing for the real truth.

The Church should be the one place where people feel the MOST safe to take the covers off... But I usually find that safety anywhere but the church walls. 

This is one reason people find counterfeit safety and community outside the church, just to find themselves in a new type of bondage.

So I've decided to change that, one person at a time.

In our efforts to be Holy, we often fail to be full of Grace, Mercy, and Compassion. 

As a pastor's kid, I felt that deeply. Now that I'm free, I am feeling the need to bring that healing back. Not the mission I wanted, not a sexy message, but a healthy and needed one.

Radical Authenticity. Healthy Theology. Fulfilling Relationships.

I guess that's my message.



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