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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Trifecta of Pain

"Peter earned Jesus'strongest rebuke when he protested against the need for Christ to suffer (Matthew 16:23-25)." Yancey, Page 239.

And yet, Yancey also points out, Jesus did not thank his Father for suffering. In the Garden, Jesus strongly prayed that this cup would pass from him, that he wouldn't have to go through it, "...nevertheless, not my will but yours...".

The Bible goes on to say "For the joy set before him, Jesus endured the cross". 

That is the Trifecta of Pain:

1. Avoid pain, if possible.
2. Surrender to the process, if necessary.
3. Look forward to the redemption of that pain, always, until God transforms that into Glory for you, even if that happens on the other side of the veil.

We will have renewed bodies in heaven. The lame will walk, blind see. But..

I wonder if some of our scars will remain, but turn into gold or jewels, like heavenly tattoos of glory. Sometimes I look at my earthly scars and tell the story of how I got them... Maybe we'll do the same, telling of a dark world but a good God. 

All pain is temporary. Even chronic pain that only gets worse as you get older will be gone ten thousand years from now, if you are in Christ. 

But maybe our pain can be used to transform us, shape is, mold us into His Image.

Avoid pain if possible, lean into pain if necessary, and always look for God to transform pain in the end.



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