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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Have you asked for help today?

I've felt like a tsunami inside this past few years. Emotions flooding in, wave after wave.

As I began to heal and create good boundaries I had to get real and honest with myself about the one thing that I was afraid of most....

Admitting I had needs.

I can meet someone else's needs but can I admit that I have needs. 

Not to be crude but even when it came to sex, I would give and give and give, but I had a hard time receiving. I'd spend an hour giving, but want to get mine done as soon as possible, embarrassed for even wanting it. That's played out in every area of my life, but that one became painfully obvious and was very hard to work through. My next wife will have to be patient with me, as my growth in that area is stunted until I can learn again in a safe marriage. But as I keep growing in admitting need in other areas of life, I will heal enough for that day in the future where I face that again.

Love is a give-and-take, sow and reap preposition. It's like breathing in and breathing out. You can only breathe out so long before you have nothing left to breathe and the insatiable desire to breathe in is created. 

Try it right now:

1. Breathe out as long as you can push yourself to the very end.
2. Hold that in as long as possible resist breathing in.
3. How long did you last for the overwhelming desire to suck in air overcame your will to not do it? 10 seconds? 

Your emotional needs are the same d breathing. Emotional needs were meant to be given and received.

If you take all the time and never give that's obviously unhealthy and selfish. 

But if you give all the time and never receive, that's equally unhealthy.

Part of NO HIDING is admitting you have a need. 

Go tell someone you need something today.



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