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Monday, March 16, 2020

The Sounds of The Past...


I've been listening to a lot of material about Podcasting, Audio Equipment, Sound Engineering for Live Church Auditoriums, and most recently, Voiceover work. 

Sounds have been on my brain.

My left ear is ringing, which it does after awhile in the call center world. I need a new profession. But I want to make a big change, not just get another job. So I'm considering what a new self employed career would look like, hence my research.

Now...  looking out my window at the stars, listening to my rain music, the flute takes me back to a class around ten years old where they did a documentary of another culture. I find myself wanting to travel like I did then.

How much do the things we experience in life shape us without our knowledge?

How often can a song or a sound take us back to a lesson (good or bad) that we learned?

What would we be without sounds and the lessons they burn in our souls?

There stories we tell ourselves and each other are enhanced by sound.

What sounds have been meaningful to you lately?

What sounds should you avoid?



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