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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Brokenness is required to render just Judgement.

Brokenness is required to judge well.


We all hear, "You shouldn't judge...", as if all judging was bad. W need judges and judgement. We need someone to stand between two parties, two outcomes, two decisions, and say, "This, not that". 

Without judgment, nobody would ever pick a menu item, chose which car to buy, hire the right person.

We need, desperately, judgement in our lives. 

Where judgement goes awry, though, is when it becomes out of line. When we would rather judge everyone else's life and decisions than our own. Where judgement becomes skewed or biased, or when in is not in line with truth, it becomes toxic. 

Jesus said to remove the plank from your own eye first. Why? So that you would see clearly before rendering your judgement, not so that you would never judge. 

But how do we remove the plank? How do we know that our judgement is sound? 


When we get intimately familiar with our own brokenness, miraculous things happen. 

We must have healed through the brokenness first. Brokenness can be a broken filter through which we see the world. When this happens, our judgement is not accurate. 

When we heal from the brokenness, though, we are accutely aware of our desperate need for God. 

In that TRUTH, painfully aware of our own need, the process it took to heal (remove the plank), and aware of the awesome truth of God's grace for our brokenness and plan of deliverance; then we can see clearly to help our brother with his dust. 

Only when we are painfully aware of the difficult, messy, painful, rewarding, cleansing process of restoration; can we then see clearly and hear the voice of God clearly enough to be of value to our hurting brothers and sisters. 

To render just judgement, requires you be broken, be healed from your brokenness, and have compassion on your brother and sister for the process it takes to become whole.



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