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Friday, July 16, 2021

Sneak peak: NoHiding.Faith

I'm starting something new. I don't know how much time I'll be giving to it up front, but, long term I feel it will become my main brand. It will be the business card I carry, so to speak. 

No Hiding, if you've been following me, should be an old phrase. It's become such a mantra for me that I would get it tattooed if I wasn't such a woosie. 

But it takes on new depth of meaning with each passing year. It no longer feels one-note, or about one thing. It has become the core essence of what I do. I lean-in to hard things. I do not shrink from adversity. I sit with people in "the suck". 

And now... I've spent years, Fall 2016-Present, going through a very public, raw, and honest deconstruction of my faith. 

I haven't written much this year, school, kids, etc, but I have posted much of it. 

I will keep writing my random musings and thoughts and ideas on the fly right here. My stories as well. And my pre-publish-ready rough draft ideas. 

But, I'm starting NoHiding.Faith to place my more refined, finished, and complete thoughts. I intend to start writing articles that flavor to the more scholarly, but, focus on taking apart tradition from Bible. 

Exploring questions like:

Does the Bible really say that?
Does the Bible really claim that?
What is the "Gospel", really?! 
What does it mean to be a Jesus Follower?
How do we live in healthy community?
How can the field of mental health play a role in an expressed faith?

Basically: If life throws a question, and the Bible might speak to it, we're not going to hide behind religion, we'll punch it head on. 

Who knows, I might even throw out an article about how important it is for husband's to study their wife's orgasms and make them better by studying anatomy. Honestly, it's been a requested article by several wives I know as the topic came up over coffee with friends. 

Articles there will be infrequent but complete, that's the goal. Anything you see there today isn't an actual article, it's a place holder to test the website. But, that's the plan. 

Also, I have a resources page started there with solid biblical scholars and mental health professionals. Check out those links.

I'll keep being in both places. 


Darrell Wolfe, Storyteller


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