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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Should I take that opportunity?

What does it mean to follow God? 

I've only ever heard one thing from God clearly, and it took me thirteen years to figure out I ran the wrong way with it. 

Most of what I've felt strongly about from God was just that.... A feeling. An inlikling. An unction. A gut check. 

One of the best phrases I learned in counseling was "get curious about that". 

One of the best things I've learned from my new wife, Jen, is that God's more interested in who I am becoming not what I can do for him; therefore, I should do whatever I feel less to do, it's for me. 

Go to school, or don't.

Take the job, or don't.

Start the business, or don't.

Take the opportunity, or don't. 

Just follow the joy and the curiosity. 

It's not about accomplishments or mission. It's about becoming more genuinely you, in Him. 


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