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About Us / Start Here

Compelling Tag Line Statement (Make Me Care.)

Supporting Statement showing your value proposition (What’s In It for me?).

**Pictures would be helpful, anything that gives your reader the “feeling” you want them to have. Customer’s buy products based on perceived benefits and how that product makes them feel. Pictures convey more than words.**

Pain / Pleasure Statement: 

What’s the theme that runs through all your readers? Who are your clients?
What do my clients want to avoid? What is their pain point?
What would my clients want to have or aspire to? What do they want most?
An explanation should be benefit-oriented. Explanations are functional, but functionality should be tilted in favor of the user. For example, “We make websites” is a functional explanation, but it lacks the user-focused orientation. To make this explanation even more compelling, you could angle it towards the user to show them the value: “Get a website that makes you money.”

Who are you and why am I here?

Who are you? Who started your company?
What does your company do? What do you sell?
Where is your company headquartered? Do you have offices elsewhere? Or, where does your company provide services?
When did you start your company? What hours is your business open?
Why did your company start? What's your company's mission?
How does your company help people? How does your product work?

Services Offered

List of Services with brief explanations.

Trust / Testimonials / Social Proof

This is the area we will tell the user about what you’ve done for others (in their own words if possible).

Guarantees (if any):

What types of Guarantees or Money Back items do you offer?

Call To Action

Do THIS next! (A button would be nice here. Button links to either an email sign up form or just opens an email.).

Examples: Sign up for email, free giveaway, contact us, buy now…. Etc.

Contact Information / Next Steps

We offer several convenient ways to contact us:
First Last, Title
123 Main St. Somewhere, ST 55555
Email me at


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