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Ask The Wolfe!

Ask The Wolfe Challenge:

As for me, all I know is that I know nothing. (Paraphrase of Plato Quoting Socrates)


What have you been studying, wondering, pondering about? This is not just for questions, it's for sharing ideas. If you've been studying, share what you learned. If you've been wondering, share your pondering or musings. 

I'd love a challenge: "Here's an excerpt from... I dare you to write a post about that." 

Challenge accepted! 

Post below.

How This Works

  • To Start a New Question or Comment On This Page 
  • I'll try to answer as I am able. 
  • Please jump in an answer your fellow pack-members questions.
* I reserve the right to use these comments and questions as examples or fuel for future posts (I'll mask your identity if you prefer). I hope this is a great way to learn and grow together!

Previously Answered:

  • Aaron asked: "What are your thoughts on the old topic of salvation: saved always or can we lose it?" Answered Click HERE

What's your question?


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