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LIFE is not religion:

"Religion is the by-product left over after God's move is turned from movement to monument." Darrell Wolfe (Tweet This)

LIFE brings Freedom:

It is for freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery (to religion). Galatians 5 | English Standard Version
A thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance. John 10:10 | Holman Christian Standard Bible 

LIFE is the key to understanding all world events and Wold Views. Let me tell you a story about how LIFE began. As in all great stories, it beings with a Man and Woman...

Photo Attribution: "Freedom !" by Alban Gonzalez

Paradise Lost (Gen 3)

Light shining through the misty sky had dimmed. Evening arrived. Ish was sitting on the lawn, petting Kuf (his pet Monkey). Ishta was braiding the hair of her favorite Lion, Aryeh.

Ish could feel his strength waning, as it tended to do this time of day. He took from the LIFE tree and ate. A cool rush of strength flowed through his veins. Ishta took from the LIFE Fruit and sat next to him. They lay under the first stars peeping through and fell asleep.
The next morning, they spent the day planting new seeds at the garden perimeter. El planted a garden in the East, but the rest of the planet was dust. It was their job to duplicate the garden, throughout the rest of the planet. 

They had the help of their many animal friends to carry seeds and fruit from various trees and plants. 

Ish put the seed of an apple tree in the ground and whispered to it. El programmed the planet to respond to them. Each seed triggered the ground to swell with water, just in that area. 

The blade broke from the dust in a few moments and grew into a stalk. By the time he'd planted ten more seeds, a baby tree was fully formed behind him. Kuf was hanging from the lowest branch already.

By days end, the light was beginning to dim again. Ishta had gone back into the garden for more seeds but had not returned as quickly as expected. Some friendly furry something must have distracted her again. She did love her furry friends.

Ish rode the back of a creature with a large flat head, called Tri-Horn. He found her in the middle of the garden next to the Forbidden Tree. 

Ishta was having a conversation with a creature that called himself Nachashhe. It was long, like a rope, with a hundred tiny legs. 

Ish had not seen him before, which was odd as he'd named every animal on the planet before El gave him Ishta. He dismounted, to join the conversation.
“Did El actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” Nachashhe  coiled around a branch, picked a Forbidden Fruit, and held it out with the tip of his tail.
Ishta's head tilted to one side slightly. “We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden," She said to him, "but Elohim said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.’”
Ish felt a tug in his belly. She had misquoted El. He never told them not to touch it, only not to eat it. Ish felt like correcting her, but he decided to let the conversation play out first. He would do it later, wen they were alone.
The serpent said to Ishta, “You will not surely die. For El knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be just like Him, knowing good and evil.”
She opened her mouth, as though to speak, but nothing came and she closed it again. She shifted from from side to side, fidgeting. She looked at the forbidden tree, called Knowledge, and took the fruit Nachashhe held out to her. She turned it over in her hand. 

It was silver in color. Not like the gold fruit from the tree of LIFE. This Knowledge fruit seemed to pick up the light from around them. 

"Ish, I touch it, and I have not died."
Ish knew that El had never told them not to touch it, so this did not surprise him. However, he felt the power of this fruit was calling to him. He had never bothered to look at it much before today, because it wasn't for him. But the longer he stared, the more she turned it over in her hand, he felt drawn to it.

She glanced at him for direction. He knew he should stop her, but he wanted to eat it too. For the first time since he'd met her, he had a selfish thought. 
If I let her eat it, and she doesn't experience this death... I may eat it too.
He shrugged, and she turned back and ate. Before she swallowed, her eyes grew wide. 
Is this death? He thought.
She smiled but said nothing. It was as though her eyes had been filled with something he could not see, but it amazed her. She handed it to him, and walked off. 

Ish took one more look at her.

If this is death, it doesn't look so bad. 
He took the fruit to his lips, and ate. The rush of Knowledge flooded his mind instantly. 

He could understand that there were so many questions. He must seek their answers. Why is there light and dark? El created them, yes, but why? How do they work? 

Ish's senses were alive. He become acutely aware of every nerve in his skin, color in his eye, smell, the fruit had a taste he had not notice before. It was as though data was flowing through every pore of his skin, the scent in his nose, bud on his tongue, sound in his ear, sight and color in his eye... all at once. 

Ish did not know how long he was like this, minutes - hours, but suddenly he felt a new rush coming. A serious of new feelings and questions. What will happen to me now? What is this death I was warned of? Why am I naked? What will she think of me? What will El think of me? What have I done?

The colors, tastes, sounds, then dimmed. He wasn't sure, but the world itself may have dimmed darker than before he ate. He could hear less, taste less, feel less. He was cut-off from something, the spirit world was darkening before his eyes. He could no longer see the Servants ascending and descending to El's Home.

This new feeling made him sick, he'd never experienced sick before. Ishta was looking at him too. Sweat was coming from her brow. He grew dizzy. He felt his skin flush, heat in his neck.

They ran to a fig tree and sewed leaves together for covering. 
That was what he would call this new feeling. Fear. And he hated it. Only this feeling did not go away. It stayed, like a fog invading his mind. It became harder and harder to focus.

For the first time in his entire life, Ish did not know what to do.


LIFE vs Knowledge

When Man was full of LIFE, he just knew things. He did not struggle. He did not weep. He did not experience death, pain struggle, hindrances to his success. LIFE was flowing through him to the world around him. 

Jesus described LIFE as a vine. He is the Vine, we are the branches. His Father is the root to the whole system. LIFE flowed from His Father, through Him, to us via the Spirit; then, through us to the world around us. 

The resulting fruit benefited any passer-by.

That was the plan.

One day, Man choose to eat of Knowledge (information based ONLY on the five physical senses), in doing so, he chose to reject God (the source of LIFE). He was attempting to make himself his own master and ruler. His own God. He cut himself off from the Tree of LIFE. Since then, man has used reason to flounder his way through this planet.

Ever heard someone say: "I only trust what I can see, taste, touch, or feel..."?

What a foolish and ridiculous statement. Define "love" with the five physical senses. You can attribute some to biochemical reactions, not all of it. Touch a radio wave. Sure, you can measure it with instruments, but you can't touch it. You didn't even know it existed before the instrument told you it was there (after it was invented).

The result of being cut off from LIFE was a gradual decay of all things, and the result of choosing Knowledge was to limit Man's perspective and perceptions. 

Instead of just knowing, instantly, without having to reason the answer out; we are stuck in our perceptions. We never fully know anything. 

Ask 100 witness of an event, and each can only describe their perspective of the event, not the entire and whole truth. That limit comes from being stuck in the sphere of Knowledge.

Soon Man started trying to reach God through traditions, rituals, religions, etc. 

He started reasoning out his way through life's obstacles. He was limited to his physical senses and observations.

Logic and Reason have their place, but they are limited by data, perspective, and perceptions. 

Without having the All Seeing One guide you, your reason is skewed and limited.

It was through logic and reason that evil men in white robes and pointed hats determined that the destruction of other races would be for the greater good of their own. 

Logic and Reason have been the cause/fault of all of the worlds most destructive decisions, wars, policies, etc.

Education, Science, and Religion are Reasonable

Religion and Education/Science are two sides of the same coin. They attempt to solve the problems humans face by understanding Knowledge. 

They see all the evil in the world and make the assumption that Evil comes through the Knowledge of Evil. Therefore, you must correct evil by getting a better knowledge of Good. 
We must then correct bad behaviors through better Knowledge of Good behaviors. They say to themselves.
Unfortunately, a better knowledge of Good can never get at the root of the problem. Behavior is not the problem Jesus came to solve. Behavior is influenced by thoughts, which are influenced by the heart. If the heart is corrupt, no adapting of behavior can solve that problem. And educating the minds' thoughts won't solve it either. The heart is corrupted through being disconnected from LIFE. No amount of education (secular or religious) will solve the problem of the heart.

Death vs LIFE

Just as a branch cut off from the tree will look green for a time, but eventually, die. So a Man cut off from LIFE, will live for a time, appear green even, but will always eventually wither and die.

Getting a better Knowledge of Good can help one live longer. As a cut flower appears to live longer in a vase of water, but is still dead; so a person with more Knowledge of Good can appear to live longer through stop gap measures. But he or she is still dead. 

This being cut off from LIFE, and bound to reason and logic and perception of the senses (Knowledge) is the source of all evil and curse in this world. 
How can we be restored to a connection to LIFE once again? 

Jesus is LIFE

Jesus came that we may be connected to LIFE. Yes, you are forgiven through Jesus for that word you said, or even person you killed. But those behaviors were not the root, only the fruit of the real problem. Those behaviors were birthed from a heart disconnected from LIFE. 
Jesus came to give LIFE and LIFE more abundantly. 
This means that we can experience more or less of this LIFE during our time here on earth. The more we get of Him, the more this LIFE flows into and through us affecting the world around us. 

Jesus isn't interested in your bad behaviors or even thoughts (knowledge)... he's interested in connecting your heart to His once again (reconnecting the branch to the tree). 

Once connected to LIFE, as LIFE begins to flow through you once again, all the death is washed out. 

How do I get LIFE?

The Great Exchange

Here is His offer: 

You: Give Him your dead life. All of it. 
He: Gives your his LIFE. All of it.
He takes your death, and you take His LIFE. 
Your work is to believe (John 6:29). That's it. Believe it in your heart, speak it out loud with your mouth, and you will have it. Guaranteed - John 3:16-18

If you would like to take God up, on his Great Exchange Offer, you need only accept what he's already given. You could talk to him, and tell him something like this:
"Father I Believe, take my dead-life and give me LIFE! (James 4:7)"
These words aren't a magic formula. You must believe. But being willing and open is a start. Just start talking to him like you would any other human. If that means a bit of yelling and angry outbursts, He's okay with that too. Just start.

Next Steps: Foundations of Freedom

If you would like to learn more about getting access to this free LIFE (Freedom), I invite you to check out a series from Gateway Church called "Freedom Basics (101-104)" (here). Also see Bob Hamps' "Foundations of Freedom" (here)

Other next steps, with a warning of clarification. 

NOTE: The following may sound like typical religious suggestions but I want you to throw out the old mindsets. 

Consider a person whose limb is missing. Many still feel the missing limb, sometimes even saying it itches. Taking pain medication can often make it worse as this reinforces the mind's pathways that tell the brain the limb is there. The solution, science now tells us, is to activate the new nerve-endings. Rub the new stump with various materials. Scratch it with hard stuff, soft stuff, wet stuff, dry stuff... 
Activate the New Limb
These suggestions are to help you activate the new Spiritual Limb that was born again. When you make the great exchange your Spirit is reborn. Your Mind, Will, Emotions, and Body are not (yet). These suggestions help you activate the new limb.

None of the following suggestions will give you LIFE in and of themselves. 

You could do ALL of these, and still be just as dead as before you tried them. I would dare to say that many (if not most) who do them are still walking around in death (thinking with the old limb). The one and only way to get LIFE is to connect to Jesus (Life Himself), and let His Spirit fill you, it's about a relationship not a religion or ritual. 

The following suggestions are not meant to help you get LIFE. They are meant to help you connect your heart to His; letting LIFE flow to/through you as a byproduct.

Each suggestion could be a boring ritual or a life-giving experience. The difference will be the attitude you bring to it. Think of these as tools in your tool belt, to bring you closer to LIFE The Person (Jesus). As you root into Him, LIFE will flow to and through you as a byproduct of plugging into Him.

The tool doesn't give life, getting closer to LIFE-Jesus gets it to you.

Just as any tool-chest, use the tool appropriate for the moment, learn to use each tool skillfully. If you feel that you are hitting your thumb, or cutting it off, STOP IT! That's not what a tool is for. 

I hope that helps, enjoy:

Suggestions to Activate the New Limb

1. Get a Bible.

God wrote a book just for you. It's full of His wisdom, insight, and his LIFE. It's one of the first and primary ways He will help you hear Him. Get a bible. If you want a physical bible, nearly ANY church will give you one. Many types and kinds are available online. If you want an electronic bible, here are my suggestions:

2. Get A Quiet Time with Worship Music.

Get yourself surrounded by God's Word and Presence. In addition to reading the bible, spending time hearing others teach and talk about it is helpful. Others have come before you and they will help you grow faster than you can on your own. 

Worship type music can help usher in an atmosphere that is hard to duplicate without it. So use Pandora or Spotify and set a worship station or selection you enjoy.

3. Get a Friend (or several)

Spending time with other believers is a great way to grow and connect to this LIFE. 

If you are an extreme introvert, like me, you may find this one hard. Go out of your way to ask a few people that you enjoy being around. Go to special events. Make a point to linger after, instead of heading to the car right away. Talk to someone. It may take a while, but if you pray for connections, God will bring them.

4. Get A Church and a Pastor.

  • 4a Pastor:
God gave gifts to men (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers). We can parse the differences between them some other day (or post) but here's the bottom line. 

Each of these was given by God to men to teach, train, and lead. They are are not the ministry. YOU are the ministry. They are are here as Spiritual Professors to equip you for the calling God built you for, and the ministry he assigned you. 

Some of us may never pastor a church. We may instead pastor a single soul at a time, at lunch break each day. Or minister healing in Aisle 5 at Walmart. 

  • 4b Volunteer at a Church

LIFE flows better when it's flowing through you to others, and not just to you and stopping. 

That's the real point of Church. It's not just so that you can come, listen and grow (although that's part of it). 

It's also a place for you to allow God to flow through you to others. 

  • 4c Get a GOOD church 
Yes, there are some not good churches, if you don't feel at peace there, leave and find one you feel at peace with. If it's a bad Church you'd be better off learning online and spending time praying alone for awhile. 

But keep searching. 

God has a home for you to connect with, and He'll lead you to it. Of course, for me... he led me from California to Texas. So be open to what He's leading you to do. 
Be patient... One step at a time. Don't get in a hurry or rush. Follow his lead in peace.

Here are some ways to find a good church:

5. Build Your Spiritual Tool Kit

You can also get into great resources (books, downloadable MP3 and MP4, Podcasts, and more). Check out the Resources page for some suggestions. 

Shalom: Live Long and Prosper!
Darrell Wolfe (DG Wolfe)
Storyteller | Writer | Thinker | Consultant @


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