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You know how some people are angry and bitter at God, failing in relationships, and feeling defeated inside?

I help people discover the courage to stop hiding from God, faking with people, and lying to themselves with a life philosophy I call NO HIDING.

The NO HIDING Lifestyle is about leaning in to radical authenticity, healthy connection, and an identity rooted in God's love, so that we become our most authentic self. Then we can enter in to our unique and strategic position of opportunity and influence.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

My name is Darrell Wolfe, Storyteller, Writer, and Thinker. I’m also a Widower, Single Father, and Friend. People come to me for advice on everything from Religion to Relationships because I make complicated things simple and I know how to sit with people in the hard stuff.

It's been a few years since I planned to kill myself. That was before I discovered a secret that radically changed how I live. I'd like to tell you about that secret that led me on a journey to a fuller and more meaningful life, with friendships I am grateful for.

It’s called No Hiding

You can read about my story in my No Hiding Manifesto.

What is No Hiding?

No Hiding is about crafting a lifestyle where we are brutally honest about our failures, questions, doubts, fears; we bring them out into the open, uncovering ourselves before God and each other so we can be made whole.

So often, especially in religious or Christian circles, we have this tendency to hide our doubts and fears under a mask.

“How are you, Darrell?” 
“Blessed and highly favored Bob, how about you?”

Meanwhile, we are broke, broken, living in depression, abuse, addictions, doubts, fears, and financial turmoil. Our relationships, friendships, and families are at best struggling and at worse either non-existence or deeply painful.

If you are wearing this mask yourself, you know that it’s suffocating you.

Don’t keep walking in that darkness. Don’t end up like I was, planning your own death as the ultimate escape.

No Hiding: The Key to Freedom

There is no magic wand. No spell that will help you suddenly start succeeding in life. However, there is a journey you can begin to be a more balanced, authentic, freer version of yourself.

No Hiding invites you into a journey that will help you:
So that you can craft meaningful relationships and discover significance in your everyday life.

The No Hiding Journey

There are three steps to begin this journey, do it right now, today.

1. Take the No Hiding Pledge: “I commit to a lifestyle of No Hiding”.

Say it out loud, right now. It all begins with saying it out loud. Intentions are much more likely to become outcomes when they are spoken. Your own body and limbic system are trained to respond to the words you speak. They are like the tiny rudder setting the course of your giant ship called life.

2. Tell Three People: Yourself, God, and One Human Being

It's time to get raw and honest, admitting to yourself, God, and another human being the things you struggle to overcome, the anger and bitterness with God/Religion/Life, and what you’d like life to look like instead. Go ahead, there’s one person that just popped into your mind that you can trust, tell them. Send a text right now, call them, ask them for a coffee meeting. If you truly have nobody, check out my bonus invitation below.

Invitation: Come on a journey with me, as we explore the deep, hard, ugly questions life throws at us, and look for meaningful answers. No more burying your head in the sand, or hiding behind cliche’s, it’s time to get real, raw, honest, transparent, and authentic about this life, it’s the only one we have, let’s live it on purpose.

Bonus Invitation: If you have no-one else you can admit this to yet, you can email me. On occasion, I may even answer your questions in a post (keeping your details confidential, of course).

You just began your journey, keep following me for more answers to burning questions, and email me with questions you have that I haven’t answered yet. I’d love to hear from you.

Next Steps

Here are some of the most popular articles/questions/answers:

Also, check out my Resources page for links to other helpful sites, authors, book suggestions, and tools.

A note about Affiliates. Periodically, I may recommend a book, product, service, or website. Some of these may pay me a small compensation for the sale. Rest assured, I only recommend things I believe will provide lasting value to you, many of them have impacted me first.

Thank you for taking this journey with me, I look forward to seeing your life changed in unexpected and exciting ways.


Shalom: Live Long and Prosper!
Darrell Wolfe (DG Wolfe)
Storyteller | Writer | Thinker | Consultant @

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