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Storyteller | Writer | Thinker | Armchair Theologian

Have you ever found religion to be hard, religious people frustrating, and/or the bible confusing?

I think God is more in love with us than we can imagine, the Bible is simpler than we make it out to be, and knowing God better makes people free.
If that sounds good to you, then you are in the right place. Look around, ask questions, and read what I've written.

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My name is Darrell Wolfe, Storyteller, Writer, Thinker, and Armchair Theologian. This is my blog where I deposit my musings, pondering, studies, and more. I'm a full-time father, student, and I have a day-job. So I post whenever I have time. 
If you find something you like, share it. If you want me to write on something, let me know. Email (

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  • Check out my Resources page for links to other helpful sites, authors, book suggestions, and tools.

A note about Affiliates. Periodically, I may recommend a book, product, service, or website. Some of these may pay me a small compensation for the sale. Rest assured, I only recommend things I believe will provide lasting value to you, many of them have impacted me first.

Thank you for taking this journey with me, I look forward to seeing your life changed in unexpected and exciting ways.


Shalom: Live Long and Prosper!
Darrell Wolfe (DG Wolfe)
Storyteller | Writer | Thinker | Armchair Theologian @

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