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Some lawyers stay up at night trying to ruin free society and create new rules. Therefore, here are the disclosures I must have that you probably won't read.

My Bio. Who is Darrell Wolfe?

Who Am I? 

My name is Darrell Wolfe. 

My gifting is to make complicated things simple. I seek to see Truth that daily changes me (and you) from the inside out.

Explore LIFE through stories, studies and observations, discovering nuggets of Truth that set us free from the lies we pick up in this broken world.

Darrell G. Wolfe
​Storyteller | INFJ | Strengths: Futuristic | Intellection | Learner | Ideation | Achiever | Command | Input | Focus | Multipotentialite

 My Life Verses Are: 

I am called to lead the Distressed, In-Debt, and Discontent (1 Samuel 22:1-3), into the LIFE Jesus promised (John 10:10), by showing them how to meditate on the Word of God (Josh 1:8) and by telling stories inspired by it. Stories break down the barriers between heart and mind, helping both become stronger (2 Samuel 23:8 2 Cor 10:4). Stories can pull down strongholds that separate our heart from God's! We are all here on this earth at exactly the time and place we were meant to be for each season, and the purpose of our life is to seek, grope for, and find God (Acts 17:26-27); come with me and we'll do LIFE together!

Other things about me:
  • I am a wealth of all kinds of random information, and I make complicated things simple.
  • I am an INFJ, with Strengths in Intellection, Learner, Ideation, Achiever, and Input. (more on that here). 
  • I'm a spirit-led, creative, intellectual.
  • I am the son of an Atheist Pastor on a lifelong journey to shed off religion and discover more about the Real Jesus, the real Kingdom of God, and a life of Good Success! Joshua 1:8
  • I am the son of a Nurse, and I distrust traditional western medicine to a point. I prefer holistic options first. 
  • I am a husband of 12+ years, father of two home schooled boys.
  • I am a Texafornian: (Raised in Indio, CA I now reside in of Fort Worth, TX.)
  • My Work History can be found on my LinkedIn profile, click here.

For those who want the longer back story… 

I was born in 1980, the Reagan Years, the son of a Nurse and Pastor. I grew up in the Disciples of Christ Denomination, which during the 80's and 90's meant being among the “Frozen Chosen”. Our church barely allowed guitars, preferring organs and hymnals.

While I was living among this religious community, I was experiencing the supernatural. Early in life, (maybe about five-ish) several things happened that forever set my path toward seeking more. I saw Jesus Himself, in a vision. I saw the demon that was after my brother, and eventually took his life years later.

I had strange spiritual dreams and experiences all throughout my life. In high school and college, I made friends with the outcasts and extra-ordinaries. One close friend in high school actually had a personal demon assigned to her until she got saved and learned to shew him away.

So I was left torn between a dead religion, supernatural experiences, and a live Jesus. 

I was left with the question: 

How do I reconcile the dead religious traditions I live with daily and the very alive Jesus I'm experiencing outside of Church?

When I was 17, my father announced that he had been an alcoholic and barbiturate user for several years, and was now an Atheist. He was working on a second masters degree to become an MFT.

When I was 19, he left the home dealing with other addictions, later getting sober but staying an Atheist.

As you can imagine, it's hard enough to be a Pastor's Kid (PK), without being a PK who's dad left the ministry as an Atheist. But this turned out to be an interesting turning point in my life. At first I was a bit lost. In and out of various churches, jobs, and relationships.

I tried to find myself in college. 

If you understand Strengths Finders, you'll note that Input, Learner, and Intellection combined would make my college journey erratic but rewarding.

I REALLY ENJOY studying. I’m a sucker for new facts.

I was tested at 147 IQ (which means I know a lot and have to work harder to stay motivated). Very few High IQ people become successful in life, because they never learn the secret to success:


I watch the Discovery Channel, PBS, and other learning channels frequently. I’m also a sucker for a well written article on a topic I’ve never heard of before.

So in college, naturally, I changed my major several times, whenever something new caught my attention. I ended up leaving junior college after 6 years with 78 units, a 3.78 GPA, and no official degree.

But my time in college was not wasted.

I learned. I went to college to learn and I learned. I learned several things.

  • I learned how to take care of an automobile properly in Auto 101. 
  • I learned about the major players in US and World history that shaped our current society and their mistakes and triumphs along the way. 
  • I learned about music, math, and literature. I learned that I enjoy writing. 
  • I learned how to learn. I learned to study and think through issues. I took critical thinking, where I learned cool terms like "False Dichotomy".

Ministry leanings

While serving as President of the Christian Club on Campus (all ten of us on a busy day), I learned how not to lead people, I had a lot of growing to do. I learned that charging in with your own ideas and telling people to follow you, is a REALLY bad way to lead people. Level Five leaders, lead through collaboration, not through dictatorship.

Finding Myself

I tried to find myself in jobs. Last I calculated, I’ve worked for 15 companies in 20+ job titles. These include, but not limited to:

  • Camp Worker, Cowboy Hat Shaper and Cleaner, Pool Cleaner, Construction, Tire Installer, Restaurant Server, Personal Banker, and Researcher. 
I went through more relationships than I did jobs.

In 2002-2003 I spent time in AA. I was lost. 

I found a community there that was openly admitting and discussing their faults and failures (which didn't happen in the Churches I'd attended).

Although this community felt better than most of the Churches I'd been to, it still didn't fill the need I was seeking.

As I was seeking to find my way, and decided to check out the military. In August 2002, I was about to join the Air Force, when a friends mom took me aside and said:

"The Air Force is the best thing that ever happened to my son... and you are not supposed to go. You have another path to serve. You need to go pray."

The next morning I left, found my way to a rock surrounded by water at Gaviota State Beach. I sat on that rock with my guitar. I played worship songs to God... angry!

I was mad at God! 

I was frustrated because it always seemed that every time I would try to keep God at a distance he was pursuing me... like a jealous lover, like the hound of heaven.
So there... on rock, playing angry worship songs... I broke. I told God he could have what was left of my life.
I had been born again since childhood. The Holy Spirit was in me from youth. His Spirit bore witness to my spirit that I was His since about 3 years old.

This was not the day I got born again, this was the day I stopped running from The Calling on my life... mostly.

I'm still learning to let go, one day at a time, and let him peel back the layers. Now I'm learning that the ultimate calling is not about speaking, preaching, writing (but his temporary callings could include those).

The ultimate calling is about getting closer to him!

Then, six months (+/-) after that fateful August 2002, I decided to be single the rest of my life. 

But it was that very decision, to be free from a lifetime of relationship addiction that freed me to be open to the person He'd planned for me. God told me I would marry a girl that I barely knew.

At first I told him no, but he convinced me she was His plan. Separately, He was talking to her. She told him no too. Ha Ha! But He started dealing with her too.

One day a few months later, sitting in a Chapel, we had a conversation that sounded something like this:
  • I told her: "God said that you are my wife" 
  • She said: "Yes, He told me the same thing". 
  • I replied: "So we're getting married". 
  • She replied: "It looks like it."

With that, it was set.

Before going on a single date, we agreed to be married. We didn't even kiss until several months afterward.

It was a marriage arranged by God. It started as an arrangement, and grew over the years into something deeper than any relationship I'd ever had before. She challenges me to become more, even when I'm resisting it.

Behind every great man is a woman… rolling her eyes! 

I am no exception. God and my Artist Wife are the true inspiration, and often the source, of anything I've written worth writing. If you benefited from anything you've seen on this blog, it was either directly or indirectly God working through my wife to inspire me.

If you found something I wrote was worthless… I’ll take that blame.

It was through her that first year I learned of another experience. Sitting in the back of my pick up truck, all alone, I asked God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and began, by faith at first, to speak in tongues. Which has become a regular part of my prayer life ever since.

As a couple, we still floated from church to church, finding our way until two years ago, when we landed at Gateway.

There we discovered Freedom Ministry. 

When I found the Foundation of Freedom (here), and Freedom Ministries (here), it was like a light bulb going off. It was the good elements of AA, Church, and new ideas that I hadn't heard before all wrapped up in an easy to understand, LIFE changing, package.

Our season at Gateway, and in Texas for that matter, is drawing to a close now. The winds of change are blowing to North Idaho, eventually.

And Now...

Well... I've been learning, growing, writing. If you look back to the earliest posts on this blog, and bit further back to other blogs, you’ll find my earliest attempts to find my voice.

If you look forward from today you’ll find me getting clearer and stronger. I’m here to learn more about Jesus, more about His Kingdom, and discover the “How To’s” of a life of Good Success!

I'm not the man I want to be... but I'm not the man I was. I'm also not the man I will be. I hope you find something on this blog to inspire you to follow my Jesus, be filled with His HolySpirit, and surrender to the Father's plan for your life. I hope you find a way to pursue LIFE, and LIFE more abundantly until you are Stress Free, Debt Free, and Satisfied in Jesus.

If you made it this far… Thanks for reading all that and I look forward to growing with you.

Make sure to check out my Hub page, where you can find all of the various blogs I write. Pick the one that suits you, or try several. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Darrell G. Wolfe

Storyteller | Writer | Thinker | Consultant | Multipotentialite

PS: If you've hired me in the past or you are familiar with my work and you want to tell others about it, please leave a comment on this page.




Some lawyers stay up at night trying to ruin free society and create new rules. Therefore, here are the disclosures I must have that you probably won't read.

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Darrell's Reading List

Here are some books I've been reading lately:
  • Hacker: The Outlaw Chronicles (here) by Ted Dekker (Author). The story of a young Hacker girl, who went on a wild adventure into the supernatural realm beyond trying to save her mom, but saved her self too in the process.
  • Saint: A Paradise Novel (here) by Ted Dekker (Author). He's an assassin, or is he? He finds a secret to his past that unlocks supernatural abilities, at a cost.
  • For a full list of all my book suggestions, see my Amazon Store.

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