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Name Your Own Price Policy

NOTE: My books on Amazon (Paperback and Kindle) do not fall under this policy. However, from time to time I may offer a PDF version of a book under this policy. When that happens, this is the policy.

The Name Your Own Price Policy

There are four ways you can participate in this policy:

  • Take It (Free): Want a copy, but don't have the money?
    • If you don't have the money to buy a PDF eBook, then it is my gift to you! Take it for free, no cost, no strings, no requirement to sign up for an email list! 
    • Just type zero ($0.00) at the Gumroad pop-up window. 
    • Be Blessed!

  • Buy It: Want a copy, and have the money?
    • If you have the money; buy it. There may be a suggested retail price, but I'll let you decide what it's worth to you.
    • Buy the book for $1.00, $5.00, $100.00, $1.000.00, $19.97, it's up to you! 
    • Pick a price you feel good about.

  • Sow It: Want to help me give copies to those who don't have the money?
    • If you have the money, and you want to help support the work I do here so that others continue to get the content for free, and so that I will have the time and resources for other product development... 
    • Buy a PDF eBook, and choose any amount ($1.00-$100,000, or more ?).
      • *Not tax deductible

  • Receive It: Have the money... but you are horrible at receiving gifts?
    • If you have the money to buy a copy; however, you are really bad at receiving from God or People.... You like giving, but you have a hard time letting people give to you.
    • I want you to humble yourself before God, and type "0" in the box and take it as my gift! 
    • If you cannot receive from me, who you can see/experience on this planet, how will you ever receive from God, who is much harder to see/experience much of the time? 

Whichever path you are led to choose today: Shalom! Darrell G. Wolfe

PDF eBooks Under this Policy:

Tax Disclosure

*For the record: Not Tax Deductible - Not 501(c)(3)

*Special Thanks to Michael Jr and Gateway Church for inspiration, and Gumroad for providing the means.You can see what I mean on this talk from Michael Jr, skip to 21:00 minutes in for the way he does product presentation.

*My PDF eBooks are covered under the Name Your Own Price Policy. The paperbacks and Kindle versions available through Amazon are not currently covered.


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