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Productivity (Email, Excel, and other handy tools)

Productivity (Email, Excel, and other handy tools)

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OpenSource, Android, & Microsoft Tools
  • Calendar
  • Tasks & Notes:
    • OneNote: You can get this in the Office Suite or just as a stand-alone App in the Windows and Android app stores for free. I use it for long and detailed notes, book outlines, and much more. It's my digital brain.
    • Keep: Google Assistant: great for on-the-go notes and lists. I can say "OK, Google. Add Tuna to my shopping list" and the voice recognition on my Android smartphone will add this to my grocery list without me typing a thing. It's also great for other do-to lists and reminders.
Previously Used:
  • GNotes (Browser based on Computers and App based on Android Sync with Gmail) 
  • Nozbe (Tasks Manager) 
  • emClient: Email Replacement for Outlook syncs with all my Googliness. Gmail, GCalendar, GTasks 
  • ToDoist (Google Synced Task Manager) Currently using over Nozbe. But I jump back and forth, can't make up my mind yet. 
  • LiveWriter (Blog writing software). 
  • LiveMail (email client, like outlook but free with basic Windows, can also use for RSS subscriptions). Best used with Microsoft email addresses (but can be used with others) Will sync to your (hotmail, live, email, calendar, tasks, etc. 
  • Headers: Create a cool Header (Microsoft Power Point + Microsoft Snipping Tool = Save as a JPG, then use Paint to resize as needed). 

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