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Friday, May 27, 2016

Interviews | An Introduction

Interview Skills- An Introduction

Interviewing is one of the most important skills one can have in the workplace, especially if you are in a large corporation (where they've eliminated personal relationships as much as possible).

You cannot move in or up without passing the interview. Yet as important as it is, few people ever take the time to study material on the skills needed to master that process. They go in to an interview, answer the questions as best as they can and hope for the best. 

However, there IS a process. There is a technique to interviewing. It’s just as important as your resume’, skills, experience, and accomplishments.

The Right Fit

Even interviewing your very best or THE very best doesn’t mean you will get the position. You may be the very best salesman in the company and that may come out swimmingly in the interview. But the fact is the person is not JUST looking for someone who is great at their job. They will also be looking for someone who will make a good “Fit” for that particular position. 

For Example: 

Let's say the position is a supervisor working directly under a manager:
  • A manager who is one of the top sales performers in a company and has been since he was an entry level employee may not be all that interested that his second in command having sales skills above average. He’s already got that nailed. Rather, maybe he would be interested in someone with the skill to help him keep the team on task, and do paperwork, and understand procedures.
  • A manager who is friendly and outgoing but doesn’t know computers may need someone who has skills with Excel.
  • A manager who is good with data bases and numbers may need someone who can rally the troops and lift moral.
  • A manager who knows “Business” but may not know the specifics of this job because that manager was hired from outside may need someone who knows the nuts and bolts, because they've been here awhile.

There are several categories of skills required to obtain a good interview, some of the more important ones that we will explore are:


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