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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Sons of Glory: A space series??? (working title, not final title)

The idea of What Next has always captured my imagination... God completes what he's told us about (earth 6K, tribulation/ratpure, earth 1K reign of Christ, renewed heaven and earth...)... THEN what?

WHY are SO many people interested in space travel movies, and alien documentaries?

What if we ARE going to be in the stars traveling in ships to other worlds?

What would that look like?

What if the Son's of God (Romans 8) were the Prime Race, rulers of the galaxy, but other races were just as much a part of the plan of heaven? Humans were the Levites in a galactic sense? 

Other races of creation had the same struggles and rewards, same heaven and hell, but with a prime difference of not needing direct sacrifice/salvation. 


  • Jesus died for SIN not sins. Sins (actions) are the result of SIN (spiritual condition). 
  • ADAM was the first MAN, Son of God, Created in God's likeness. Angels pre-date MAN, and some of those sinned and fell, but only MAN had the right of redemption as he was a SON, created in God's image/likeness...
  • Adam's fall ushered in SIN (the condition) and Jesus died to put SIN (the condition) to death. 
  • Therefore, men don't need to be saved from sins (actions) they need to be saved from SIN (the condition). Sins (actions) are a natural byproduct of their Spiritual Condition. Yes, of course, sins (actions) are covered by Jesus sacrifice, in the same way leaves are covered in the treatment of a root. But sins (actions) were not the cause of death, SIN (the condition) was. 
  • What IF, other races of being had SIN (the condition) and as a result sins (actions) just like humans, BUT, their condition was just as much ADAM's fault as our condition. They were subject to the condition the FirstBorn MAN created in the universe, because, he had control over the universe. 
  • Therefore, what IF, Jesus sacrifice treated their condition as it did ours, and they were still out there (like we are today) able to take some of the benefits of the salvation, but they are waiting for ultimate (physical) redemption?
  • Revelations 20 mentions Satan, Death, and Hades being thrown into the lake of fire... no mention of the rest of the 1/3 of fallen angels. 
  • WHAT IF, when Satan, Death, and Hades falls... the rest scatter across the universe. WE (REDEEMED MAN) take out across the universe to round them up, and set the other worlds free. Angels and Redeemed Man working together on the starships.
  • WHAT IF, those worlds knew us through visitations, visions, dreams, prophecies (all like us), but they are as we are today... in HOPE and STRUGGLE... 
  • What if all the other systems were aware of God's Sons, but only partially? Through prophecies and visitations like we have? 
  • What if they were just as torn about the meaning and purpose of life, the debates of science vs religion, desire vs virtue, etc etc... 
  • What if the other creatures were not Human, per se, but held the same/similar issues as us? Because they suffer from the same condition and actions caused by Adam, King of the Universe... some believe, some don't... man shows up in his starship... then what??????

Future Glory Romans 8
18For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
What if the things to be revealed in us are WAY more than we currently imagine? What if our immediate solar system (Sun with 8-9 planets) is just not even the TIP of the iceberg of his creation? WHY would he create so many solar systems, if we weren't supposed to go there?
19For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.
ALL creation, earth, mars, venus, other planets in the solar system....
20For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope 21that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.
What if other worlds (creation, persons, not sons) are out there waiting for Adam's curse to be lifted? Like what about the creature with the four heads in God's throne room...

One time, Jesse Duplantis went to heaven, and Jesus said "There's other things... things you don't know about..." and that was it for that statement. He could have been talking about things happening on earth. But what IF he was talking about a larger creation.
22For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. 23And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.
We ALL groan for the redemption of the Sons of God in body, physically redeemed bodies and planet.
24For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? 25But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. 26Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. 27And he who searches hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, becauseg the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. 28And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,h for those who are called according to his purpose.
 Tongues is a needed gift for helping us speak to other beings/races/creatures. What if the FULL manifestation of tongues is our innate ability to understand and speak all language, because it all comes from HIM anyway?
29For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. 30And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.
The Sons of Glory: A space series???

By Darrell Wolfe

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    Saturday, July 30, 2016

    Power of Prayer (Series) | How to have a daily dynamic prayer life (Message) | Jimmy Evans

    Power of Prayer (Series) | How to have a daily dynamic prayer life (Message) | Jimmy Evans 

    @GatewayPeople Church, Southlake Texas | My Church Notes from service today

    Why we pray: 

    • Acknowledge God, allowing Him access to us (generally and specifically)
      • He knocks on the door of your heart, He doesn't kick it down. You need to open it to Him (not just once at salvation, but every single day). He will reside in you up to, but limited to, the space you give to Him willingly.
      • A day without prayer is a boast against God, a day without prayer is a day without his FULL assistance, direction, provision, or  protection (to a point, one could say, your cooperation with it). 
      • You can't make the play, if you didn't show up to practice.
      • We are sheep. There are no:
        • Homing Sheep (Sheep can't find their own way).
        • Pack Sheep (they can't bear burdens well).
        • Attack Sheep (they can't defend themselves).
      • You need a Shepherd to guide/lead you, bear your burdens, defend/protect. If you try to do these things for yourself, you will be limited at best.
    • Build a Prioritized/Personalized Relationship with God.
      • Dialogue not Monologue. And really, since God knows everything about you, GOD should be doing at least 60% of the talking. 
      • Kenneth told the story of a man who said: "Here lies a man who knows nothing, doing all the talking to the One who knows everything!"
      • God wants Darrell time (put your name there).
      • I don't get into God's presence after I'm right, I get into His presence to GET right. Only screwed up people qualify to get into His presence. 
    • Exercise Authority
      • Whining in the Spirit is not a spiritual gift. 
      • God won't do for you, what He gave you the Authority to do yourself. 
      • You can either be defeated or win, but you can't be both, and you must decide. He gave you the tools. He doesn't want you lifting burdens that you can't carry, but he doesn't want to carry what he told you to carry. 

    How we pray

    • Don't be an attention hog. Don't pray to be a religious show off or get attention. (Religion)
    • Don't babble on and on, repetitively, hoping that you'll get heard if you say it enough. (Non-Relational).
    • Pray in this manner (this is the PATTERN of the Lords Prayer):
      • Thanks Giving & Praise
        • Acknowledge his Name and Address
        • See Him for who HE is.
        • Clear your heart to see Him as He is, not as you want Him to be.
        • Thank Him for who he is and what he's done.
        • Really think about your life recently, what can you thank him for, honestly (not religiously).
      • Surrender to His Authority (Submit)
        • YOUR WILL - Seek his guidance, wisdom, direction.
        • What do YOU want? What are YOU doing in this moment/day/year?
      • Provision Seeking
        • Not just money... Favor, Direction, Wisdom
        • Set before him, honestly, your temptations, pains, hurts, wounds, needs, wants, desires... surrender them to Him. Let Him heal, change, alter, kill, or enhance what He needs to get your heart in tune with His.
      • Forgiveness and Forgive
        • Focus on His goodness and Grace in your life, then focus on what goodness and grace you can let Him show others in/through you.
      • Divine Right (Submit)
      • There are three things that he will NEVER share or let you have.
        • Kingdom - I'm not building my kingdom today God, I submit to your kingdom and your authority (Lordship) today.
        • Power - I operate through your power, not mine. I will not seek to use my power, but yours only. 
        • Glory - I send all Glory to you. Not religiously, but genuinely. Not with a fake humility "to God be the glory" every time someone just wants to tell me I did a good job. But honestly, openly, direct praise to God when given the opportunity. 
      • AMEN
        • So Be It - Stamp it with the final Seal of Approval.
        • There is NO POINT to pray (3 minutes or 3 hours) if you are going to walk away in the same doubt you started in. 
        • End the prayer with "let it be done as you said Lord"
        • Or, "I believe I receive as you said".
        • Or, "Yes Lord"
        • something to show you are in agreement with God today.


    My Comfort vs God's Will

    So..... I'm going to be honest. I'm not doing well lately. I've let stress build inside me for so many months that I am nearly constantly irritated. I'm in red gas gauge, relapse sounds great, screw life, un-healthy mindset territory.

    Did I go up for prayer today? No.

    Why not? Because... been there done that.

    I've been in a thousand prayer lines, special services, healing meetings, Freedom Classes, Kairos, Personal Ministry sessions... Mens' meetings, Coffee Meet Ups with an older male friend... been there done that...

    As Jesus said to Mary... ONE THING IS NEEDED....

    There's nothing wrong with any of those things... they just aren't the meal. Those are the side dishes, drinks, and desert.

    The main course is, has always been, can only ever be, a living walking vibrant, two-way, on-going, relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

    I haven't just been lazy by not getting up early to spend time with Him... I've been purposefully ignoring Him.

    All the prayer lines in the world won't fix that.

    Work problems - Pray for your leaders...

    I was mad at Him because my job got hard...

    Real hard...

    Vietnam War sounds better than this hard...

    I had it great (for the first time in my life) for two years... and it all went to hell last October.

    I knew... I knew he wanted me to pray through that time. Pray for the leadership and department. In fact, I was there at JUST the right time to do that praying.

    I didn't want to. I wanted to be mad at Him for making my life HARD. I said I was mad at "leadership", whoever that nameless entity is. But I wasn't, not really, I was mad at HIM for leading me to a watering hole, then letting it dry up.

    Instead of praying... I tried to get out. But 40+ applications later without only one nibble... I guess I'm just here until I'm not.

    Maybe the sooner I get to praying for leadership, the sooner I can move on to the next thing.


    ALL my life I SEE. No jest, I am a SEER, like the biblical kind. It's a subset of the Prophet gifting.

    I see everything, constantly, all the time.

    I walk into any business, church, organization... a person's case files or emails.... a person's story... I SEE. I see the path. I see the answers. I see the right way to handle, turn, not turn, etc.

    I get mad when I see leaders make poor decisions, or do something in a way that is ineffective when I can see (obvious to me) that there is a better way.

    But... leadership don't ask me, they just decide.

    Pray for your leadership BECAUSE YOU SEE

    It's only JUST fully occurred to me, tonight, that these two things went together.

    I get into situations where I feel like I should be praying for my leaders, but, I SEE what they should do and they don't, so I get mad at them.

    In fact, it is BECAUSE I see, that I can effectively pray for them.


    I can see what they can't; therefore, I can prayer specifically and targetedly for them and their wisdom to see into the situation and make right decisions.

    Meanwhile, my seeing is getting me mad, and destroying my opportunity to pray for them (the very thing my seeing was supposed to help me do).

    The enemy knows what he's doing, that's for certain. He uses the very gift that should help me, and uses it to destroy me and my opportunity.

    I guess I've come to the end of myself.

    I give up.

    I'll start praying for my leaders at work tonight.


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    New here?

    Saturday, July 23, 2016

    *Sigh* Venting made me feel better...

    Weeks now... I have no "get up and go". I haven't been able to focus at work or at home. I'm practically useless in both places.

    I have a few fits of mental activity & acuity, usually not more than minutes at a time, followed by hours/days of *BLAH*.

    I eat but I'm not satisfied, I really just want a drink. Sober since 2002 doesn't even mean anything to me anymore. Sober why? For what? What's the point?

    Work why? To make money to pay bills to have a house so that I can eat so that I can live so that I can.. work? Vicious awful cycle.

    I show at work with a never ending to-do list that will never be under control. Leadership that doesn't listen or understand. And for what? So some spoiled idiot that didn't read their contract or understand the basics of sales negotiations, and will probably vote for Hillary or Trump, can whine in my ear?

    I want off this ride.


    On the other hand...

    I enjoyed reading DB McDowell's "Girl who stole tomorrow". And I'm enjoying the prospect of writing novels myself.

    I was feeling very stuck on my current (1st) work in progress, White Noise - The Tower, until I had a realization this morning at Preston's game (which was also fun).

    It's good to learn all the rules of a craft. Then you know which ones bend and which ones break and why things aren't working when they aren't working. But eventually you have to break some of those rules.

    The Structure of a full length novel is often described as 3 Act, W Story Structure, etc. But if I'm writing short episodic fiction, the W may need to be a V.

    So I need to go back and look at the novel from that angle, and maybe move some of what I was working on to book 2.

    And that's what I'm going to do right now.

    OK... I feel a LITTLE better.

    :) Darrell

    Sunday, July 10, 2016


    Can I use the word "Congratulate" in reference to someone who is happy about their decision, but I disagree with it?

    If a person I meet is (in my opinion) about to take the wrong job, marry the wrong person, or make another choice that they see as good, right, and happy, but I know will bring them pain later... can I really be happy for them, or congratulate them?

    That was the question my wife and I pondered the other night. So I looked up the meaning of the word "Congratulate".

    congratulation (n.) mid-15c., from Latin congratulationem (nominative congratulatio), noun of action from past participle stem of congratulari "wish joy," from com-"together, with" (see com-) + gratulari "give thanks, show joy," from gratus "agreeable" (see grace (n.)).
    Congratulate (Dictionary.Com)verb (used with object), congratulated, congratulating.1. to express pleasure to (a person), as on a happy occasion: They congratulated him on his marriage.2. Archaic. to express sympathetic joy or satisfaction at (an event).3. Obsolete. to salute.
    CONGRATULATE, v.t. [L., grateful, pleasing. See Grace.] To profess ones pleasure or joy to another on account of an event deemed happy or fortunate, as on the birth of a child, success in an enterprise, victory, escape from danger, &c.; to wish joy to another. We congratulate the nation on the restoration of peace.

    Formerly this verb was followed by to. The subjects of England may congratulate to themselves. But this use of to is entirely obsolete. The use of with after this verb, I congratulate with my country, is perhaps less objectionable, but is rarely used. The intransitive sense of the verb may therefore be considered as antiquated, and no longer legitimate.

    The word is build from parts. Con is originally "Com" as in "together, with" (see com-) + Gratulari "give thanks, show joy". I am coming together with you, and joining you in your joy.

    If I disagree with your decision, I can't really do that. If I truly believe your decision will bring you pain and not joy long term, I will be obligated to either be silent, or warn you of impending danger. 

    So, no. I cannot congratulate you on your choice.

    What can I do, without ruining our relationship/friendship? 

    I can pray you are filled with the wisdom of God, and through that wisdom that you find Shalom (nothing missing, nothing broken, everything (inducing your decision making) whole and complete).

    So when presented with a card celebrating your marriage to a person you shouldn't have married... I'll simply write "May you be filled with the Wisdom and find Shalom"... or maybe just "Shalom! DW". 

    The wonderful part of that, is I can write this on any card, even those I do agree with. It's good for the whole family!


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    Saturday, July 2, 2016

    Malaise... Listless...

    When I thought about my mood lately... the words Malaise and Listless came to mind. So I looked them up:

    NOUN :: a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify: 
    Malaise is a non-specific symptom and can present in the slightest ailment, such as an emotion (causing fainting, a vasovagal response) or hunger (light hypoglycemia), to the most serious conditions (cancer, stroke, heart attack, internal bleeding, etc.). 
    Malaise expresses a patient's uneasiness that "something is not right" that may need a medical examination to determine the significance.

    ADJECTIVE :: (of a person or their manner) lacking energy or enthusiasm: "bouts of listless depression" 
    having or showing little or no interest in anything; languid; spiritless; indifferent: a listless mood; a listless handshake.
    LIST'LESS, a. Not listening; not attending; indifferent to what is passing; heedless; inattentive; thoughtless; careless; as a listless hearer or spectator.

    directionless I have no direction. By Graeme Maclean 

    I think of the phrase "the ship is listing to the right"... meaning that the direction the ship is taking toward the right is a meandering unintentional wondering to the right.

    Leaning if you will.

    The Captain did not steer that direction, the ship just leaned that way.

    Imagine you walked down the sidewalk blindfolded, and you gradually walked more and more to the right until you stepped off the curb into the street.

    "Mal" bad or evil... Malaise... Ill feeling... or a general feeling of discomfort whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

    I think the text lingo would be "Meh".

    Why is life stacked against us? Because we have an enemy.

    Did God give us the tools (prayer, his word, his blood, his Spirit, his power) to fight the enemy? Yes He did.

    Does that fight take sacrifice (being selfless, getting up early to pray before the day starts, putting aside your feelings and doing what's right for others, etc)? Yes.

    Is that hard work? You Bet!

    Is it worth it? I guess so...

    And.... therein lies the problem. I know all the right answers... but if I don't feel that it's worth it... I don't do all that.

    Maybe I'm still too worked up into "works"; those things are not what we do to GET victory, those are the things we do when we realize we already have victory.

    Sounds good on paper... doesn't make me feel better.

    Time to go to church...



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