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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God's Perfect Will

Monday 01/04/2010

Mathew 2

Joseph and Mary took personal risks and sacrifices obeying God. They had to take a bad reputation from those who wouldn't understand. Joseph was given the care of a child that wasn't "His". Neither understood the FULL impact of what this would mean to them, which is evident in how amazed they were at his 8 day old presentation at the temple and all the words spoken over him by two prophets.

Yet here they are... obeying God... walking in HIS perfect will for thier lives. As a result they received:
  • Provision
  • Protection
  • Direction
  • Foreknowledge
MOST of us in the church world today walk around half blind until a problem comes  up and then say:

"Well... God...  You know what is going on here... what do I do now?"

At least we hope most of us are at least that spiritual. Many would repond:

"OH GOD!... OH JESUS!... What am I going to do? Why did you let this happen?"

But is there a better way of walking in God's will for 2010 then EITHER response? What if God brings the Provision FIRST... THEN the Direction... through these Protection and Foreknowledge and as a result you were half way to Eygpt before catastrophe hit!

That is my goal for 2010! Walk in God's will, so clearly that I am provided for, led by the Holy Spirit, and LONG GONE before the problem tries to come my way!

Here's to HIS perfect will for 2010!

Darrell G. Wolfe


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