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Sunday, March 14, 2010

GOODNESS - Mylon Le Fevre

EMIC: 03/14/10

Mylon Le Fevre was our "guest" speaker today. Guest in that he has his own ministry now, but not a guest in that he came FROM EMIC and therefore was just home for a visit.

Some of the key things that the Holy Spirit hit me with during service:

  • There may be mortgage problems in Texas... but the mansions are paid for in the Kingdom of God.
  • Son, you are a student-teacher: Teach what you know and learn what you don't. 
  • This is your' assignment:
    • Stop trying to get money in
    • Start seeking ways to get The Word out
      • Your problem has been mindset, focus, and lastingness
      • Write a mission and vision for your projects
      • Lift that veil!
    • Word and Prayer and Confession: EVERY DAY!
  • The Goodness of God is the foundation of Faith: Gloria Copeland
  • Anything good is God
  • Anything bad is the Devil
  • If you don't resist the bad, because you don't know to resist it... it won't flee.
  • As you seek God He rewards your diligence.
  • Kingdom: Kings Domain/Dominion
    • Jesus is the Lord of the obedient
    • Jesus is the Judge of the disobedient
  • Are you serving God or Money?
  • God has GOOOOOOD Plans for you Jer: 29:11
  • Contentment with godliness if GREAT GAIN
  • Have reverse paranoia: Everybody is out to Bless Me!
  • Sow + Wait = Harvest EVERYTIME
  • Contentment means that I am just as happy before I get what I wanted as after. The item or desire doesn't affect my joy level. 
    • I get it, then keep right on going. I don't gain or loose momentum.
  • IF is a covenant word. CHOOSE life: Deut. 30:19
  • David, after God's own heart, RAN TOWARD his enemies: Ps23
  • YOU enforce the Devil's Defeat
  • Goodness is following me
  • The way you describe you life to others is a test of your confession: We should be smiling as we are handed the test.


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