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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ezekial 38-39 End Times Battle Line Up

I read a very intersting article on "The Nations of Ezekiel 38-39" published in 1985 by Fred G. Zaspel of Word of Life Baptist Church, Pottsville, PA

Neither Russia or Germany are named among the end times battle participants that come against Israel. After seeing his insightful analysis  there are four major areas mentioned.
  1. Turkey (Major Player) (Meshech, Tubal, MaGog (Land of Gog Prince Cheif of the Land)
  2. Iran (Persia)
  3. Sudan (Ancient Ethiopia or Cush)
  4. Libya 

These are the key players on this event.  This indicates Turkey will take the lead role in this attack joined by Iran, Sudan, and Libya. This makes even more sense as you look at the map and see that this creates the 360 degree attack that is described in chapters 38-39.

Ezekiel 38-39 Line Up Attack

The attack will come suddenly and God Himself will defend His Bride. This is of special interest to me as I have been seeing new evidence of timelines regarding these last days.

Pastor Ray Bentley shares the "Decade of Destiny" and outlines time frames that points to when this Ezekiel line up could play out.

     More on this later.


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