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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Revelation of Jesus

Yeshua Meshiach
Anointed One
Blood Brother
Lamb that was slain
Lion of Judah
My Love
My Passion


Drawn by Akaine Kramarik

Revelation VS Information/Education

Typically artists get a paper/pencil and start to draw, then turn to books and maybe classes. God's original intent was for man to get it on download from Heaven. Learning was secondary to revelation knowledge. Full peoms/paintings ready mind in the minds eye and coming out as natural as breathing into the visual form. Music, Art, Poetry, Books... But also architecture, lawyers knowing what to say, etc... all fields of man's work operating on revelation knowledge.
"When Adam fell, he fell from Revelation to Information" Bill Winston
Adam didn't need to "learn" as we do, until after the fall. He was communicating with God. They Holy Spirit has come to show us all things and lead us into the truth. When we pray about a situation we are getting God's wisdom on download from Heaven! We don't have to rely on what we know or man's knowledge. God can show us how to do something that men have never thought of.

EVERY invention that caused society to have a major breakthrough was God given and God inspired. Unfortunately the Church is so full of people trying to avoid the Wealth that God gave them or so preoccupied in other things that they are able to hear, many times, when God is trying to give them something. So God has had to turn to heathen who are willing to work and cause an invention to come to pass in order to get it into the earth.

No more! God can and will use me and you to bring about new things, inspired things into this planet! When we do it, it will bring Glory to God the Father and to Jesus our Lord!

Darrell G. Wolfe


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