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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Darrell G. Wolfe BIO

BIO: Who Am I?

 Who Am I?

My name is Darrell G. Wolfe:
  • I am a Servant Son of my Father God, My Lord Jesus, and my Friend Holy Spirit!
  • I am a Husband to my Flavia, Father to my Sons, Uncle to my Niece, and Son to my Parents
  • I am a Teacher, Coach, Trainer, Leader, Mentor
  • I am a  Blog Writer, Published Author, Content Writer
  • I am an Audio Engineer, Singer, Song Writer, Musician
  • I am... Whatever else my Father asks me to be
Some Random Things About Me:
  • I enjoy making Excel Sheets (Just For Fun!)
  • My favorite foods are Cheeseburgers and Thai Food!
  • I read/study constantly, any topic I can... 
  • Sci Fi Geek!

What have I done?

  • By Hobby:
    • Write Several Blogs, as time permits
    • Published "Banking Basics for Believers"
    •  Audio Engineer
      • Part Time Audio Sound Board Tech, several churches 1996-Present
      • In School Now: "School of the Tech Arts" working toward a career change.
    • Singer - Musician
      • Worship Leader for several small church youth groups
      • Song Writer for a short lived Christian Worship Rock Band
      • Some training in Classical Voice, Guitar, Theory, Piano, and Percussion
  • Professionally:
    • Restaurant Server for 9 years
    • Banking and Personal Finance for 8+ years
    • Retail (Target, Costco)
    • Tire Center
    • Construction
    • Pool Maintence
    • Western Clothing-Hat Shaper and Cleaner 
    • Camp Maintenance and Counselor
    • Other Things here and there... I've grown some, but things didn't hold my interest long when I was younger.

What am I doing?

  • Serving God by:
    • Loving my Wife and Kids
    • Working toward a degree in Audio Engineering
    • Writing as often as possible
    • Studying every topic I possibly can, to keep my mind sharp
    • Helping People Succeed in life (both professionally and as a writer)

Where am I going?

I don't know all of it...

Here are some ideas for the time being:
  • Grow in Grace!
  • Love my Family !
  • Finish Audio School
  • Give More Time to Church
  • Write More Consistently
  • Publish More Books
  • Yada Yada Yada... Become a Billionaire (and give ridiculously to God's Kingdom)!!!


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