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Sunday, July 20, 2014

#Habitation @Gatewaypeople

  • In south Africa the major church there has planted over 90 churches. They win over 500,000 people to Jesus per week.
  • They said "We must win the lost at any cost."
  • This is not just what they believe, it is what they breath.
  • Saul was breathing threats. This Church is breathing soul winning.
  • What you breath out will be what others  breath in. Like second hand smoke. Smoke can fill a room and be shared breathed atmosphere.
  • You become like God by being in His presence and breathing in.
  • God breathed on Adam and he lived. Gen 1-2
  • Jesus breathed on his disciples and they were born again. John 20:21
  • What we breath in is what we become.
  • Breath in the Word of God and the Spirit of God... then breath out into your life.
  • What are you breathing today?
*Random church notes from @Gatewaypeople #Habitation


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