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Monday, September 15, 2014

#Religiholics - Recovering from addiction to religion

Stainglass Church Window, Attributre Wikipedia
Stainglass Church Window, Attributre Wikipedia

Our job is to leave religion behind, and move with God's next move.

In light of all the talk about Islam and 9-11 this week. I've been thinking about religion broadly, and Christian religion more specifically.


What is a religiholic?

A religiholic: is a person so addicted to religious tradition, that they miss God in the process.

What IS religion?

Religion is a set of traditions and doctrines; whereby, man serves his idea of God.

God's plan is to have relationship, as Father to Son/Daughter. He is constantly moving us to deeper relationship with Him. Each time a mass movement of God starts, it is designed to break us from outward process, and take us to inward progress.

What is Christian Religion?

Christian Religion is the by-product (traditions/doctrines), left over, when God's move turns from movement to monument.  
Thereby, man turns God's movement away from the traditions and doctrines, back into new traditions and doctrines. The crust hardens, the life is drained, and the denomination is born. God begins a new movement, and it starts again.


And now I leave you with a question:

Are you serving God... or your idea of Him?

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By Darrell Wolfe

This Weeks Resource:

Ted Dekker: Circle Series... that should help break some of the religious crust off.
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