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Saturday, January 17, 2015

01/11/15 @GatewayPeopleNFW

Mathew 7:1-2

Luke 6:37-38

Judge not and pick your measure...


Give, and it will be given is not just about money. Being a giver is all about the heart. Being a giver involves time, talent, treasure, inconveniencing yourself for others....



Judgment, Condemnation, Forgiveness... You give judgment and you reap judgment. You give forgiveness and forgiveness will be reaped.



Deut 15:7-8

God gave the land, therefore, give to your brother. Don't close your hand because he can't pay you back. Lend to the poor, GOD pays you back.


You should give without being greived about it. You can only grieve over giving when you thought it was yours.


Why did God create-invent giving? Do you really think that God needs your money to support His work???


God, So over that He gave!


  1. Deal with a selfish heart.
    1. <before we give>
  2. Deal with a grieving heart.
    1. <after we give>
  3. Develop a generous heart.
    1. <you were born again generous>
  4. Develop a grateful heart.
    1. <remember what you have been given, this will allow you to be grateful>




What causes extravagant generosity? Never forget that your saved!


What are you saying to me?


About heart not behavior.























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