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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Key With No Software to Unlock is Frustrating...

So... I'm on vacation. I don't know how to do "vacation" so I'm playing with a laptop trying to get it working the way I want it to. I have the Windows Installation Key that is on the case. It does not have the correct version of windows installed, there is no disc, and there is no partition. So, one would think, that I could download the version I need either from Windows or Toshiba.


I use the key to download, and Windows tells me that it is a pre-installed version. DUH! That's the point! Sometimes I think Windows has their head so far up their.... boot disc... that they can't see the forest through the trees.

What good is a key if you can't use it to unlock anything?

That's what it feels like sometimes reading the whole bible, studying the principals, and then not seeing them work themselves out in my life.

Then I realize that having the hardware (spirit, soul, body), and the product key (bible - biblical principals) are only 2/3 of the equation. One also needs the software (HolySpirit) in order to run the machine. Without the proper Operating System (OS), we are always going to either be broken, or running on an OS that we were not designed for, getting inferior results.

It's not just enough to have received the HolySpirit once. Some people talk like they "got the HolySpirit in 1975". But what about this morning? Was He a real and vital part of your active prayer life this morning? Five Minutes Ago?

It's so easy to spend my time praying out of my mind, that I often forget to quiet down, listen, and let HolySpirit lead my in my own prayer time. THAT is where the product key will begin to bear the most fruit.

Be Still - Be Led

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