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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Heart of a Story: LIFE vs Knowledge

So I just watched Seventh Son, an alright movie, not great. But it got me thinking about story telling.

What makes Lord of the Rings different from Seventh Son? It's not just the length or complexity of the story. It's deeper...

It's the theme.

The Author of Lord of the Rings was full of LIFE, and it showed in his story.

Whereas, in this story, good isn't good; bad isn't bad. Their both just misunderstood. It comes from an anti-theistic - anti-biblical world view. In this movie, the half withes get together to accomplish what man and witch on their own could not.

The great deception coming upon the world in these end times is that witches can be good. Many of my high school and college friends went on to become Wiccans. They live under the false impression that you can be a "good" Wiccan.

The thing is... in way maybe you can. You can be "good" under the worlds definition... don't harm others, but you cannot be full of LIFE on that path.

There are no neutral sources in this world... sources can be from two sources.

  • Tree of LIFE
  • Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. 

Wicca, and other flavors of witchcraft, have one thing in common:

Seeking Knowledge.

Interestingly enough, most religions fall into this same trap. If I just have a better Knowledge of Good; however I perceive Good, then I can overcome Evil.

Isn't that what we always want in our movie? Good vs Evil; Good Wins!

The problem is, that it's a lie. This movie, unbeknownst to the author probably, hits this very point on the head. The old hero is pursing his version of Good, the old witch is pursing Evil... but both have disastrous results.


Good isn't LIFE.

You can do what you believe is Good, and loose your LIFE in the process.

LIFE, not Good, is the antidote to Evil. It's a different paradigm, and a story that needs to be told by as many authors as possible.

This is the cry of our generation, tell us stories that bring us LIFE.

The challenge is telling the story, without preaching the sermon. We also watched last comic standing tonight, and it was pointed out to that one joke would have have been funnier if the comic trusted the audience to get it, instead of explaining it. You have to let it dawn on them.

Do you have a story to tell?

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