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Monday, August 31, 2015

100 years from now...Will it matter?

100 years from now...Will it matter?

  • Will anyone have read this post? 
  • Will I remember that argument? 
  • Will I care if I made money?
  • Will I care what kind of car I drove? 
  • Will anything I did on this planet matter? 
  • Will I ever have learned the point of this experiment called earth?
  • Will I have gotten to know another human being... really know them?
  • Will have I spent some of those years in my cabin in the woods, reflecting on life's mysteries?
  • Will I run out of questions to post today?

If I could gain the perspective of 100 years from now, and channel that into today... maybe I would know what to do next... what mission is critical and what mission should be shelved...

They say hindsight is 20-20... can I get some of that and put into foresight?

Here's hoping...



Your Turn:

What do you do when you need a glass of perspective?

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