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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I have an eclectic set of thoughts tonight. 

My neck hurts, most of the time, but especially today. I don't like going to bed, my neck always hurts through the night, and I wake up stiff.

So I'm sitting here listing to my "***Surrender***" play-list on Spotify.

Revival not elections. Billye Brim reminded me that the Lord said through her prayer meetings that America will not be saved through elections, but through revival.

That reminded me of how worked up I've been over this primary season.

I'm also thinking about the episode of Librarians I just watched (Dark heart). The heart warming story of a serial killer... that they stopped. They freed a magic house to go and help people again.

Work has been tough. I have two days off this week, so after tomorrow, four day weekend!

I'm going to listen to my music and then go to bed.



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