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Thursday, May 27, 2021



While this doesn't "bother" me when I hear it, I have tended to stop using his name to end prayers. I will address him by name, as I would anyone else I was speaking with.

"Hey Jen, let's go for a walk..."

"Hey Jesus, let's talk about this...."

"... Jesus, thank you so much for your love and affection for us."

But the phrase "in my name" wasn't meant to be a sign-off or a tagline that you add to a request. When we use it this way, it obscures and dilutes its original and intended meaning.

It's a turn of phrase. 

It has a long history going back to Genesis One (Image Bearer). Israel bore then name of YHWH. We bear the name of YHWH Incarnate, Jesus. 

When we operate in the authority of Jesus, bearing the name of YHWH Incarnate Jesus, on the mission for Jesus, doing His work....... Ask what ye will.... 

If I am where He told me to be, doing what he told me to do, then I am an authorized user on my Father's business credit card account. 

If I am not where he told me to be, doing what he told me to do, my authority is revoked. 

So no, I cannot simply wish for a Mercedes and call it in JUST because I want to. 

You have not because you don't ask, or, when you do ask you ask with selfish motives. 

In other words, if I am listening to the Holy Spirit, and doing what he told me to do, I can ask for ANYTHING He tells me to ask for, and it'll be done. 

If I'm not on mission, it doesn't apply.


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