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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just had to relearn this lesson again: #BeStillBeLed

So I spent most of today revamping a page on my site: "Got LIFE?"

Here is an excerpt:

Paradise Lost (Gen 3) 
Light shinning through the misty sky had dimmed. Evening arrived. Ish was sitting on the lawn, petting Kuf (his pet Monkey). Ishta was braiding the hair of her favorite Lion, Aryeh. 
Ish could feel his strength waning, as it tended to do this time of day. He took from the LIFE tree, and ate. A cool rush of strength flowed through his veins. Ishta took from the LIFE Fruit, and sat next to him. They lay under the the first stars peeping through, and fell asleep.
... to continue click (here).

Something occurred to me. It's simple, yet profound.

Sometimes you don't need to discover new answers. You just need to remember the answers you already discovered, and live them.

It could be said that 90-100% of the problems I'm going through mentally and emotionally could be solved if I lived what I wrote on that page several years ago. I revamped the page today, and upgraded the story-telling.

However, most of what's there is what was there already.

If I'm experiencing a lack of LIFE, then getting into HIS presence is the key.

So simple.

I suggest you click on the link above and read it, I was preaching to myself.

Just had to relearn this lesson again: #BeStillBeLed

Your Turn: That was my story, what's your story?

Tell the LIFE community about a story you encountered this week, and what you learned from it. 

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